Office 365: Changing Your Time Zone Settings in 365

Normally your time zone settings change automatically when you travel but sometimes they do not. Here’s how to check to see if they are correct and change them if they aren’t.

Log into Office 365 and open the Outlook Online Calendar.

From the calendar click on the gear icon.


Check your current time zone setting listed on the right panel.


If it’s not correct click on the drop down menu and change the time to your current time zone.


Click the “X” to close the Settings area.


That’s it! You’re done!



Microsoft Translator

This is a follow up to the demo Rob and Alex gave at Wednesday’s Bayside Faculty meeting.

Microsoft Translator has potential to be very helpful. In addition to helping us with taxi drivers and buying groceries, it will be very helpful for our work with individual parents and when presenting to groups of people who may be more comfortable using a language other than English. Here are a few videos and links that may be helpful as you get started with Microsoft Translator.

Finally, here’s a link to the Microsoft Translator page which has links to the various app stores so you can download it for your phone.