Goals are an ideal desired result that should follow a person’s own ambitions and efforts. My goal at the beginning of #iRun was to be able to run 5K in 30 minutes or less. I had never run that distance in under 30 minutes and to me it was where I wanted to reach. It always seemed unattainable to me for some reason, like no matter how hard I tried I would never reach this.

That is my problem with how I view goals.

On January 15, 2015, at 2:10 PM (during my Independent Study time, not #iRun, because I couldn’t make it that day), I reached my “unattainable” goal. By myself. On my own accord.

Jan 15 2015 Run


At exactly 30 minutes, I had run myself to the max, and reached 5K.

As soon as I saw this, I was elated. Ecstatic. I DID IT. AFTER MONTHS OF RUNNING, AND RUNNING, AND MORE RUNNING, I REACHED MY GOAL. This was huge to me, as I had never, ever, fully reached a fitness goal before in my life. I would always set goals, and give up after a short amount of time because I hadn’t gotten there yet.

Maybe I am a little impatient. Perseverance is an an acquired trait.

Nevertheless, I was inspired. I figured, if I can reach this goal from running 4K at the beginning in the amount of time that I now ran 5K, what’s to stop me from reaching any goal I set for myself?

It’s a psychological thing, really. Instead of telling myself “I can’t”, I need to start telling myself, “I can, and I will”.

And once that’s in my head, there’s no stopping me.

I can, I will, and eventually: I conquered. Conquered my fears, my obstacles, and reached my GOAL.


As a collective whole, this group right here ran 52.69 at at #iRun today, January 22, 2015!



Kayla runs the distance… nonstop! Each week, just a little farther… #iwillwhatiwant #lifteachotherup #sisrocks #iRun #ilovemystudents


December Holiday Goals

Second trimester #iRun has begun and the kids are on a roll.  Here is just a snippet of what they’re committing to do over December holiday.  Way to go, guys — can’t wait to see your skills in January 2015!

#iRun #SISRocks

That moment when…

After participating in #iRun club for a little over a month now, I am finally seeing results.

Records of my runs run throughout #iRun

Records of my runs run throughout #iRun

The first (recorded) time I ran, my distance was around 4K. I ran at an average of 7 min 8 seconds per kilometer, and my time was 28:49. Each time I’ve come back to #iRun, I’ve increased my distance +.25K. This has helped me see an end goal to my run, and pushes me to run more even if everyone else has gone in. As I’ve increased my distance, I’ve noticed that my average pace has gotten faster and my timing, even if for different distances, has visually shown improvement.

Yesterday as I was thinking over my run and looking at stats, I realized that the next thursday, in #iRun, I will be running a 5K at this rate of +.25 K. I realized that I’ve never run a 5K before in my records, besides when I ran 10K with my soccer team. I wanted to look back at my stats, which the Nike+ app conveniently had all in one place.

Nike+ stats of my recorded runs.

Nike+ stats of my recorded runs.

The last full 5K I ran was during the 10K run I ran last year, and according to this, I ran it in 37:25. Looking at my stats now, running 4.75K in 32:58, I have a strong feeling that I can beat my last time. Thinking about how that run was just this last spring, I feel a sense of accomplishment in the sense that I’ve decreased my time by almost 5 minutes since then. That is a lot of shaving, and I owe it to #iRun for getting me out there and making me believe that I can run. I can be fast. And as for my next goal, I believe that I can get my time for 5K under 30 minutes. Seeing a huge improvement from just a couple months of me really running and getting out there encourages me to go for my ultimate goal of 10K in less than one hour.

That was the standard last year for our 10K run with the soccer team, and I didn’t reach that goal. I was disappointed and discouraged back then, but now more than ever I am pushing myself towards it. I want that feeling of accomplishment that comes with beating a goal I never dreamed I could.

This next run on #iRun I am running 5K. I will see how fast I run it, and the next few weeks I will keep running 5K until I see my dream of running 5K in less than 30 minutes become a reality, now comparing times rather than distance.

In short, I’m excited I’m seeing results and can’t wait for what is to come.

#ThatMomentWhen… I realize that what I thought was impossible is now a reality.

Day 4 and Goals for the Holiday

iRunAlright, we’ve kicked our own butts with Insanity today! With the holiday fast approaching, we won’t be able to see each other for another two weeks.  What will you do until then? Please post as comment to this post what your personal goals are so that we can help hold each other accountable.  Whether you’re in Shenzhen or the beautiful still beaches of Boracay, we can achieve our goals if we set them and believe in ourselves!

Well done today, Team! So proud of you! 🙂

When the air quality is so poor outside, it’s wise to find alternative options to a run since we never want to harm ourselves just for the sake of getting a run in.  It’s important to know when we should or should not be running outside, especially here were we live! Air can turn on us in an instant as we observed today… so we thank Ms. Knoflick for lending us the PE Department’s Insanity video!air quality

(This one isn’t Insanity, but you can find lots of people doing Insanity on Youtube although not the official ones (like today’s) that you have to pay for.  This one here is Jillian Michaels’s first Six-Week Six-Pack Abs work out which is also great; since we want strong core as runners, this might also be a nice light(er) motivator for you!)