#Day 11

Today in silks I was able to achieve some of the goals I had set myself the week before.

1. I was able to climb almost to the top. This is because I was able to lift myself up more and I swung significantly less and therefore I was able to climb higher.


2. I was able to do a better form of a double foot lock. My flexibility has increased and I was closer to a split and this is because I stretched more during my warmup and also during the week I did some yoga exercises which helped me become more flexible.


Today I worked on how to do a ball, but I wasn’t strong enough to lift myself up.My goal for the next few weeks is to become stronger and increase my arms strength.


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  1. Miss Lauder at |


    Thank you for posting your progress!! Great job! Maybe you would think about posting the Flying Dutchman photo I took of you a couple of weeks ago??

    I’m about to check out the Pintrest you made. Such a cool idea!

    I hope you plan on attending 3rd trimester silks as well?

  2. Miss Lauder at |

    Oh, wait ha ha! ?That was Giulia. Ok, so this week I will capture a new and cool photo of you:)


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