My iSilks Journey So Far!

Oh my, what a new adventure this has been for me!

After seeing the first trimester group post their silk progress pictures on different social media sites, I HAD to join. I HAD to try it for myself – it looked so fun! After volleyball my Tuesdays and Thursdays came available so I decided to go for it, because why not?! I had been wanting something to push me to get to some sort of strength/flexibility training because I quite enjoy that, and this was it. Fun, social, and a push. I HAD to go for it!

Day 1

I started on December 4th. I focused on learning how to climb. I got to the top on my FIRST try!!  Ms. Lauder said that was something to proud of, and I really was!! I tried the Russian Descent, which takes a lot of core and bicep strength, and I was able to do three of them coming down! I’m not so sure where my muscles came from – I had no clue I’d be able to do that!! I then learned how to do a single foot lock and was experimenting with that. I noticed I really need to work on my back flexibility – the poses will look better if my back bends more!! Before my first day, the silks had been just a decoration in that room, and now they were known to me as a friend. (:



Day 2

Double foot lock time!! I started off from the ground and used my left hand to help me get the first foot in. The second foot… is definitely something I needed to work on. I didn’t feel locked in with only one foot in so I went to Ms. Lauder for help and she gave me some advice. I didn’t master the double foot lock that day, but I had started it and it was a new goal! I had also sat down into the splits after my barely successful DFL, and realized I REALLY need to stretch. I’ve never tried to get my splits before, it always seemed unrealistic to me. But why should it? I went home that night and took a picture of my splits. I knew I had a lot of work to do. I was motivated to get it down, to improve on the splits pose. I youtubed different stretches and was prepared to work!! I also tried the ball and being completely perpendicular to the ground (upside down) this day. It took me a few times to do it, but I got up there! After a few failures I started telling myself “You HAVEEEEEE TO DO THIS CARRLYYYYYYY COME ONNNNNNN” and I guess that push worked! The photo isn’t taken at the best angle but it’ll do.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 11.27.42 AM

My First Ball

Day 3

Winter break had past by now, and I hadn’t worked out once. However, I did make an effort to stretch everyday! Hmmmm, wellllll, I’d say five times a week I stretched. So at least I kept up with that! I was more than ready to get back up there – I was ecstatic! After struggling a little bit going upside down, I finally got used to it this class. I felt stronger, like I didn’t have to use every single inch of my body to get myself up there, I could just simply do it. My improvement can’t be seen in pictures, it’s merely how I felt. This day I worked on my ball and straddle back. I got them surprisingly fast! Yay for progress!!! (:

Mastered going upside down!

Day 4

On my fourth day, I felt great. I felt confident in what I have learned so far, and I felt strong. This day was my first realization of how much I have actually accomplished in only three classes of silks. I worked with Ms. Lauder on mastering my double foot lock, which I still want to achieve in the air. After about a month of stretching on and off specifically for my splits, they have SERIOUSLY improved. Compare it to the picture from December!! I’m so proud of myself! I’m making progress!! The feeling you get from knowing your work actually does pay off is phenomenal. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be at after 10 days – 20 days, or more! I noticed this class how my muscular endurance is improving – I’m able to stay up on the silks for longer than just doing one trick. My body is responding to my hard work and that makes me soooo sooooo happyyyyyyyy! I want to learn how to do the Flying Dutchman next class, and maybe even learn how to “get into the X”!


January 24 Splits Progress

Loving this new hobby, I am SO glad I took it up. Trying new things always pays off! (: Thank you so much Ms. Lauder for helping me, I appreciate it so much! I feel so much happier and stronger. #hillaryismyhero

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