The Beginning Journey of Aerial Silks

This is called the straddle up and it was one of the few moves that I like doing and doesn’t hurt while doing either. When I was introduced to this move, I got it the first try. My next goal for this move is to be able to do it in the air. I am able to climb, then pull myself up but I can’t flip over yet. I need to gain some strength first. It was really easy for me to learn the basics in silks because of my gymnastics background. Even with this I could only go up the silk a little bit the first time, as I was using my right leg to climb. I found out the next time that I need to climb with my left leg. Once I switched legs, I could get up the silk with ease.


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  1. Miss Lauder at |

    You look great, Jessica! Doesn’t it feel wonderful to transfer a skill (like gymnastics) and get a big head start on learning a new discipline?


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