First Straddle Back

My experience with the  straddle back was actually shorter than I thought it would be. One day I got the on my back and started preparing myself to go over and the next week I go to silks, I get over on myIMG_5722 own. It really is the most difficult move that I have encountered during my experience with silks because it takes a lot of strength and I think flexibility in the legs/hips. When I was in the full straddle back it so uncomfortable that I didn’t want to stay there for long. This week I am going to be working on climbing the rope and then getting into double footlocks in the air so I can do all my previously learnt moves but higher up on the silks. This way during the silks concert, it will have more flow and look my beautiful.

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  1. Miss Lauder at |

    I can’t wait to see your routine, Jessica! Is your routine solo? Or with a partner? Have you chosen music yet?



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