Book Week & More!

It’s book week at SIS!  I’m sure that you have received plenty of information about the events of the week, so I won’t go into detail here. This morning we started our day in our pyjamas and with a read aloud by Mr. Kanabar. We brainstormed some ideas for decorating our door and the kids came up with a cute one.  Photos coming soon!  Please remember that Friday is “dress as your favourite book character” day.

Last week we began working on our summative activity for our Unit of Inquiry. The kids are working on demonstrating what they have learned about how a place (specifically Shenzhen) changes over time. Looking forward to seeing their finished projects this week!

In reading, we have been working on the skill of “inferring”.  This reading strategy is sometimes referred to as “reading between the lines”. See the attached anchor poster to get a further idea about inferring.

In writing, we have continued to practice writing about our opinions and supporting them with strong reasons and examples. You can support your child at home by discussing their opinions on different topics and having them share why they have this opinion.

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