First Week!

This week the children created essential agreements and practiced routines that will help their days run smoothly. We built our classroom community thought several activities that helped us to get to know each other.

Here is a breakdown by subject of the learning we did:

Reading: Readers practiced finding good fit books. These books are not too hard or too easy.  A “good fit” book should contain some challenging words (no more than 2-3 per page), yet still be interesting and enjoyable. They also worked on building stamina – reading the whole time for  15-20 minutes.

Writing: Writer’s practiced some strategies for finding ideas to write about. They brainstormed a list of things they loved to inspire them and will keep in their writing folders. They chose a feeling from an emotion chart and thought about a time that they felt this way. What we found is that ideas are everywhere!

Math: In math we set up routines for problem solving in our math journals, sharing our ideas and strategies during math talks, and playing skill-practicing games.

Unit of Inquiry (UOI):  We spent some time getting to know the different attributes of the PYP Learner Profile.  We also began to unpack the central idea for our new UOI (Communities) on Friday afternoon.  The kids were encouraged to figure out any unknown words and rewrite the statement using “kids language”.  They did a great job!

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