School Cancelled – August 30

School has been cancelled today due to red rain warnings.

Here are some suggestions to keep your child learning today:

  1. Reading: Read some books from home or log into RAZ Kids  (please email me if you have any trouble logging your child in). Be sure to record their reading in their reading logs.
  2. Writing: Jot down some ideas they have for writing small moment stories. Bring them to school to share tomorrow. (A small moment story is a true narrative inspired by an event in your life. It focuses in on one time. Example: Large moment – Going to Hawaii, Smaller moment – Staying in Oahu, Small moment – the morning we learned to surf on the beach in Oahu.)
  3. Math: Our current focus is building fluency for addition and subtraction math facts up to 20. If your child has access to a computer/laptop, try some games at .
  4. UOI: Yesterday we discussed how all citizens in a community contribute, or help in some way. Have a discussion with your child about how you contribute to the various communities that you belong to. This could be through your work, volunteering, or just daily habits. Have them start thinking about how they contribute.

MAP Testing:

Our first MAP test will be held tomorrow (FRIDAY) morning.  Today was meant to be our prep day! We will still have some time in the morning to go over basic strategies for taking the test, however you may want to show your child this MAP Test video tutorial at home. As well, you may consider sharing the website with them and discussing ways to answer multiple choice questions. This is optional. We will have a conversation about it tomorrow at school.

Please make sure that your child gets a good sleep tonight and packs a healthy snack to help them through their first big test tomorrow!

In the meantime, stay dry everyone!


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