Updates from 2D & School Cancelled Monday

What an eventful weekend thanks to our visit from Mangkhut! I hope everyone has stayed safe and dry! I’m sure you have all received the message that school will be cancelled Monday, Sept. 17. If you have any questions or concerns over school closure, please direct them to our administrative staff.

Here is an update on what we’ve been learning in 2D, followed by some suggested homework your child can complete on Monday.

Unit of Inquiry: Details about our Community Contributions project can be found on Seesaw. Your child has been tasked to reflect on how they contribute positively within the many communities they belong to (home, school, after school activities, sports, etc.). Please help them to document their contributions by uploading photo or video evidence on Seesaw. Have your child write, draw, or voice over their pictures to explain how they have contributed and why it was a positive contribution.  Thanks for your support!

Reading: The children are focused on building their reading stamina, as well as tackling some fluency and comprehension skills. The photos below shows some of the strategies we’ve worked on this week.


Math:  We’ve been developing skills for solving one-step word problems using addition and subtraction, reviewing place value, and developing fluency with addition and subtraction facts to 20.

Writing: Writers have looked at how published authors use verbs and adverbs to help make their writing more descriptive. They’ve practiced expanding their small moment stories by telling important parts in small steps. They’ve also practiced editing their written work to make sure they’ve used past tense verbs and periods and capitals!


Suggested Homework for Monday:

  1. Reading – Read a just right book for a minimum of 20 minutes. Use library books, home books, or log into RAZ kids.  Ask your child to share a goal they have to improve themselves as a reader. Share with your child how you use your reading skills everyday (ex. books for enjoyment, reports, news, information bulletins, etc).
  2. Writing – Write a small moment story to share with their classmates about a time of their choosing. The storm would be a great topic! Focus in on choosing good verbs and telling the story in small steps.
  3. Math – Find a math game on abcya.com to practice some skills.  (Note – If you want to play these games without making a purchase, then these games need to be played on a computer, not iPad.)
  4. UOI – Have your child post on Seesaw about a way they have contributed to a community this weekend. Tell them to explain why this was a helpful contribution.



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