Sept. 24-28

Fall break is here! ¬†As you get ready for the week long vacation, remember to make reading a part of your child’s everyday. Each child has been working on their own specific goals, but a big one we’ve worked on is “cross-checking“.

If the word doesn’t look right, sound right, and doesn’t make sense, they can use strategies such as:

*Look at the picture for clues.

*Read the sentence again and make a guess about the meaning. Does the guess make sense?

*Try reading the word a different way. For example, the letter g can say /g/ or /j/.

Here is what we have been working on in other subject areas:

Math: Place value, counting by 100s, 10s, 1s up to 1000, developing fluency for adding and subtraction

Reading: Cross-checking, choosing just right text, thinking about the story as we read

Writing: “Unfreeze people” in your story – show their feelings, add talk. Editing for capitals & periods. Using an apostrophe to show when something belongs to someone (ex. Alan’s pencil)

UOI: Continue reflecting on our roles and the contributions that we can make everyday to better our communities. We will complete this unit today and begin a more science based unit on Matter and Materials after the break.

A big thank you!

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to come and visit me during our fall Parent Teacher conferences. I hope that we will continue to work together throughout the year to support your child’s growth. An extra big thank-you to all of the parents who contributed to our classroom library while shopping at the book fair! The kids have snapped the new books up and are enjoying all of the new titles!

I hope that everyone has a fantastic break!


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