We won the Golden Sneaker and a Cupcake Party!

Here’s what’s happened in 2D this week:

Today at our assembly 2D won the Golden Sneaker award for demonstrating responsibility during PE class.  I agree wholeheartedly that 2D understands how to be responsible. Keep up the great work, parents!  We also won a class cupcake party from the PSA, thanks to Elly’s amazing movie night poster. We also have 2 ESLR award winners for being great communicators! Well done, 2D!



This week we discussed that good readers make predictions and ask questions to help us gain a better understanding of the books they read. When reading together at home, you can support your child by modelling these two skills as you read. Some sentence stems include: I predict…  I think…  I wonder…


We completed our narrative writing unit this week and the kids have become quite good at choosing one time to write a story about. They have also begun adding dialogue, strong verbs, adverbs, and adjectives to their writing to help show people move, feel, and think.

Next, we will begin a unit on procedural and Science writing.


Word Work:

Please make sure that your child spends some time practicing their word work words at home during the week.  They can just do the one homework assignment sent home, or they can choose to practice more. It’s up to you!


We continued to build our understanding of place value up to 1000 by counting, expanding, drawing models, and spelling number words.


We have begun our new UOI this week. The central idea is “The Scientific Process helps organize investigations”.  In this unit, we will inquire into the scientific process and the properties and states of matter. Here is a picture of how the kids interpreted the central idea and some pictures of  our first investigation. Ask your child about what they found out!


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