Does Air Take Up Space? (and other wonderings)

This week students brought the Scientific Process to life by delving into some fun investigations.  First, we wrote out a science experiment together and found the answer to “What would happen if we mixed milk, dish soap, and food colouring.” The answer was “explosive”.  Next, we inquired into whether air takes up space. With the material provided, the kids watched as the experiment was conducted and then wrote out their own procedures before doing some testing themselves. So…does air take up space? Ask your young scientist to explain how they know!

In math we developed the skills of:

  • skip counting by 5s, 10s, and 100s
  • place value: identifying the value of a number. Ex. In 382, what is the value of 8?
  • solving 2-step addition and subtraction word problems and showing our work
  • using various strategies to find the missing part in an equation. Ex. 32 + ____ = 64


In reading we discussed the importance of activating our schema before, during, and after reading. Applying what we already know helps us to predict what will happen next, understand what is happening or how a character is feeling, etc.  When we don’t have a lot of scheme about something, it can be harder to understand. When reading at home with your child, you can model:

  • asking questions as you read (I wonder why…? What would happen if…?)
  • making predictions (I think…will happen, because…)
  • using your schema (That reminds me of…)

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