Weird Science!

This week in 2D, students put their knowledge of the Scientific Process to work! After being inspired by watching and reading about various experiments and being provided a selection of materials to work from, the children came up with their own scientific question and hypothesis. They wrote out their procedure and materials list and followed their instructions as they tried to find answers. There were plenty of revisions and failed experiments, but also some cool learning!

In Math, we began studying measurement. We have compared inches and centimetres, learned how to select an appropriate measurement tool and to use a ruler properly, and how to estimate the length of an object.  Last week’s explorations focussed mainly on the metric system. In the coming weeks, we will look at inches, feet, yards, and how to compare lengths.

In Reading, we came up with some strategies for solving difficult words.  These include:

  1. Notice the word
  2. Re-read the sentence and use your schema
  3. Look for clues in pictures
  4. Find a synonym for the difficult word. See if it makes sense.

The week coming up will be a busy one as the children work hard to prepare for the 2D Assembly which will be held on Friday, November 16 in the SPAH at 8:15am.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! Everything that will be shared has been selected and prepared by your children!


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