A Successful Assembly!

Wow! What a week! The children started their week by planning out what they wanted to share during their assembly. Next, they broke out into teams. They created their own scripts and decided what type of picture they wanted on their slide. Finally, they practiced, practiced, practiced until they had memorized what they wanted to say and knew how to present well together with their team.  The result? A super successful assembly!  2D rocked it!  They deserve a lot of praise for their hard work.



This week we also finished up our How the World Works Unit (Scientific Process). Soon you will see their completed lab reports on Seesaw. Creating them was a BIG task as they had to design and test their own experiment, revise & edit their reports, and finally re-write it all neatly and share it with an audience (you!) on Seesaw.  If your kids want to try out an experiment at home, please support them with this. They might be “experts” now. 😀

Next week will be International Week! More excitement to come!


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