What’s the Main Idea?

Our Weekly Learning

This week we started a new Unit of Inquiry (UOI).  Our central idea is “All living things are connected and need each other to survive.”

Students began inquiring into the topics and concepts of habitats, the importance of biodiversity, and energy transfer within an ecosystem.

Next week we will inquire into how plants get their energy and begin to look at how plants rely on animals to help them disperse their seeds.  We will take a field trip to Evergreen Park to get a closer look at how various living things interact with one another.

You can support your child at home by having discussions about various habitats and the life found within. Consider places you have visited during vacation. Have you explored ocean and beach habitats? Tropical rainforests? Mountains? etc. What type of plants or animals did you see there?

In reading, the children have been digging into non-fiction texts and were challenged to share what the main idea of their book or chapter is, and share some supporting details about the topic.  We are learning to share only the most important details when we summarize.

Kids took turns presenting what they had learned from the article presented in their guided reading group.

In writing, they are using their knowledge of main ideas and details to create paragraphs about a specific topic. They have chosen topics that they know all about or have learned all about in books they have chosen to read during their independent reading time.

In math, we have been exploring how to collect and share information using surveys and graphs. Last week we practiced reading and creating bar graphs. Next week we will look at pictographs. Talk to your child about real life situations where data is collected to help inform people.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is always a special holiday to celebrate in a classroom, but it was a real treat to celebrate with such a caring group of students!  Here are some pictures from our snack party.

Global Citizens!

This week during our assembly, Mr. Bywater presented awards to students who have demonstrated the traits of a global citizen. A global citizen is kind and caring to others and shows respect for their environment. Here are our winners!

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