We are researchers!

For the past 2 weeks, 2D students have been building their research skills.  They have been using their “researcher” skills to ask questions, find good sources, and record jot notes to save their learning. Many have been using their jot notes to write non fiction paragraphs during their writing time.  We have focused on the skills of organizing paragraphs (topic sentence, details, closing sentence), elaborating their work (adding various details and facts to lengthen and strengthen their writing), and enhancing their craft by using words that show they are experts in their topic area.


The kids have been growing their knowledge of what plants need to survive by conducting an experiment using 5 plants with various conditions. Some receive no sunlight, some no water, etc. They have been tracking their observations using notes, diagrams, and photos.  So far their hypothesis are correct…no sunlight and no water = certain death for plants!

We have also looked at how animals help with seed dispersal. Next week they will develop models to show how this works!

In math, we have just finished up a unit on data collection and graphing. Next week, we’ll begin playing with odd and even numbers and building arrays. Having a solid foundation in arrays and repeated addition is the foundations for learning multiplication and division in 3rd grade.

Dream Job Day!

Field Research! What do you notice about the plants around our building? What are you curious about?



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