Modeling Seed Dispersal

This week the children used everything they knew about animals and seeds to create a model to show how seed dispersal and pollination works. After researching, planning, and designing their models, they decided to invite the rest of Grade 2 to come and take a look.  It was such a powerful experience for them to share their work with their peers, receiving feedback that both made them proud and gave them ideas for improvement when making future models.  The kids used clay models, diagrams, and even some acting to show how their chosen animal disperses its seeds.  Look for their reflections on Seesaw!


To continue their investigation into how plants and animals are connected, the kids started researching about biodiversity within a habitat of their choice. This week they formed questions they had about their selected habitat, began locating sources for information, and taking jot notes. Next week, they will organize their information and begin to publish their habitat informational books. You will all be invited to celebrate their hard work at a publishing party…more information to come soon!


In Math, we began discussing equal groups, arrays, and repeated addition.  These are the precursors for understanding how multiplication and division work. Try going on an “array” hunt with your child! Arrays are everywhere!

Notes for Next Week:

  • Field Day has been rescheduled for Wednesday, March 13 from 1-2:30.
  • Ask your child if you can help them along with their habitat research. Maybe you have some books at home or some websites that you can look at together.

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