Happy 30th Birthday SIS

This week SIS celebrated it’s 30th birthday.  2D celebrated by attending a Visual Arts Show which showcased pieces of their own art work and learning more about our school’s history during a special morning assembly.


Highlights of the work we did in class this week are below!

Reading: Everyone has been assigned a “same book” partner. Each group chooses a just-right book to read, either together or apart, and then meet to discuss. These partnerships allow the kids to share their thinking about a book and gain help with words or parts they did not understand.

Writing: The children have been working hard to publish a collection of poems which they cannot wait to share with you all during their Student Led Conferences coming up on May 23!

Math: We have begun a unit on Counting Money. Our primary focus in on American coins as this allows kids the chance to practice skip counting with basic patterns (5s, 10s, 25s, 50s) in order to add.  This is a great time for you to share currencies from your home country, or even our host country, with your child to have them practice counting money and making change.

UOI: This week we finished off our summative task for our unit on landforms…look forward to seeing your child’s project and/or reflection on Seesaw! They will be sure to show you samples of their hard work during Student Led Conferences!

We are also starting our new unit on value. The central idea is: Value is determined in different ways and involves decision making. We will look closer at how value is determined, the outcome of our choices, and the role of economic institutions (such as the bank). We have begun a “classroom economy” whereby students can make and lose money based on a list of actions which they have determined themselves. Ask them more about how their school savings account is stacking up!

New Student: We have a new student in our class! Please welcome Isabella and her family to SIS!

MAP Testing: Students will begin MAP testing this week. Please see below for 2D’s testing dates. Please be sure your child gets adequate sleep the night before and is sent with a healthy snack (and maybe a good luck charm!) to ensure they are able to do their very best.


Swimming in PE – This is out last week of swimming. Please remember to pack swim gear!

Student Led Conferences – May 23rd. Sign up sheets will be sent soon!

MAP Testing – 2Ds Test dates will be held May 14, 16,  and 21.

Step Up Day – On May 20th, your child will have a chance to check out 3rd Grade and ask some questions. Can you believe they are nearly 3rd Graders now?!

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