Successful Student Led Conferences

With only a few weeks left in the school year, things are getting busy! Here are some of the learning highlights from the past week.

Reading: It’s testing time and the kids have all had a chance to sit down for their end of year reading test and participate in a discussions about their growth. They have had a chance to reflect on some goals to help them continue to grow as readers over the summer!

Writing: This week, the kids published their poetry books and gave each other feedback on their work. Reviewing the feedback given to them helped them to set goals as writers.

Math: We are finishing up our unit on American coins and counting money. We will begin reviewing skills taught in Grade 2 for the final weeks of school.

UOI: Our classroom economy is alive and well! The kids have been working hard to earn and save money for the movie and ice cream party that we will be holding in the last week of school. They will use their savings to buy tickets and snacks. There have been several conversations about how to earn more money by selling goods or services, balancing their bank books, and consideration over the value of items based on sentimentality, scarcity, and demand.

MAP Testing: MAP testing has been completed and results will be shared with parents at the end of the month.

Student Led Conferences: The kids did an amazing job planning for their big conference and it was wonderful to watch you all have a chance to learn about their learning.


Twins Day: Here are a few photos of 2D twins.

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