International Week

International Week was a huge success in 2D! A great big thank you to all of the parents who came in to share cultural stories, crafts, and videos with the kids.  Another huge thank you to all of the parents who contributed to the G2 Potluck. What a tremendous feast! We also had a great field trip to Pizza Hut in Seaworld and a did a Thanksgiving Craft with our reading buddies. Here are some photos that highlight our week…


Reading The Gingerbread Man

Decorating Sugar Cookies


Making Korean Goblin Masks

The story of Chinese Dragons

How to make a wish with Japanese Daruma Dolls

How Chinese characters came to be


Pizza Hut field trip

Making hand turkeys with our reading buddies


International Week Parade



A Successful Assembly!

Wow! What a week! The children started their week by planning out what they wanted to share during their assembly. Next, they broke out into teams. They created their own scripts and decided what type of picture they wanted on their slide. Finally, they practiced, practiced, practiced until they had memorized what they wanted to say and knew how to present well together with their team.  The result? A super successful assembly!  2D rocked it!  They deserve a lot of praise for their hard work.



This week we also finished up our How the World Works Unit (Scientific Process). Soon you will see their completed lab reports on Seesaw. Creating them was a BIG task as they had to design and test their own experiment, revise & edit their reports, and finally re-write it all neatly and share it with an audience (you!) on Seesaw.  If your kids want to try out an experiment at home, please support them with this. They might be “experts” now. 😀

Next week will be International Week! More excitement to come!


Weird Science!

This week in 2D, students put their knowledge of the Scientific Process to work! After being inspired by watching and reading about various experiments and being provided a selection of materials to work from, the children came up with their own scientific question and hypothesis. They wrote out their procedure and materials list and followed their instructions as they tried to find answers. There were plenty of revisions and failed experiments, but also some cool learning!

In Math, we began studying measurement. We have compared inches and centimetres, learned how to select an appropriate measurement tool and to use a ruler properly, and how to estimate the length of an object.  Last week’s explorations focussed mainly on the metric system. In the coming weeks, we will look at inches, feet, yards, and how to compare lengths.

In Reading, we came up with some strategies for solving difficult words.  These include:

  1. Notice the word
  2. Re-read the sentence and use your schema
  3. Look for clues in pictures
  4. Find a synonym for the difficult word. See if it makes sense.

The week coming up will be a busy one as the children work hard to prepare for the 2D Assembly which will be held on Friday, November 16 in the SPAH at 8:15am.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! Everything that will be shared has been selected and prepared by your children!


Does Air Take Up Space? (and other wonderings)

This week students brought the Scientific Process to life by delving into some fun investigations.  First, we wrote out a science experiment together and found the answer to “What would happen if we mixed milk, dish soap, and food colouring.” The answer was “explosive”.  Next, we inquired into whether air takes up space. With the material provided, the kids watched as the experiment was conducted and then wrote out their own procedures before doing some testing themselves. So…does air take up space? Ask your young scientist to explain how they know!

In math we developed the skills of:

  • skip counting by 5s, 10s, and 100s
  • place value: identifying the value of a number. Ex. In 382, what is the value of 8?
  • solving 2-step addition and subtraction word problems and showing our work
  • using various strategies to find the missing part in an equation. Ex. 32 + ____ = 64


In reading we discussed the importance of activating our schema before, during, and after reading. Applying what we already know helps us to predict what will happen next, understand what is happening or how a character is feeling, etc.  When we don’t have a lot of scheme about something, it can be harder to understand. When reading at home with your child, you can model:

  • asking questions as you read (I wonder why…? What would happen if…?)
  • making predictions (I think…will happen, because…)
  • using your schema (That reminds me of…)

We won the Golden Sneaker and a Cupcake Party!

Here’s what’s happened in 2D this week:

Today at our assembly 2D won the Golden Sneaker award for demonstrating responsibility during PE class.  I agree wholeheartedly that 2D understands how to be responsible. Keep up the great work, parents!  We also won a class cupcake party from the PSA, thanks to Elly’s amazing movie night poster. We also have 2 ESLR award winners for being great communicators! Well done, 2D!



This week we discussed that good readers make predictions and ask questions to help us gain a better understanding of the books they read. When reading together at home, you can support your child by modelling these two skills as you read. Some sentence stems include: I predict…  I think…  I wonder…


We completed our narrative writing unit this week and the kids have become quite good at choosing one time to write a story about. They have also begun adding dialogue, strong verbs, adverbs, and adjectives to their writing to help show people move, feel, and think.

Next, we will begin a unit on procedural and Science writing.


Word Work:

Please make sure that your child spends some time practicing their word work words at home during the week.  They can just do the one homework assignment sent home, or they can choose to practice more. It’s up to you!


We continued to build our understanding of place value up to 1000 by counting, expanding, drawing models, and spelling number words.


We have begun our new UOI this week. The central idea is “The Scientific Process helps organize investigations”.  In this unit, we will inquire into the scientific process and the properties and states of matter. Here is a picture of how the kids interpreted the central idea and some pictures of  our first investigation. Ask your child about what they found out!


Sept. 24-28

Fall break is here!  As you get ready for the week long vacation, remember to make reading a part of your child’s everyday. Each child has been working on their own specific goals, but a big one we’ve worked on is “cross-checking“.

If the word doesn’t look right, sound right, and doesn’t make sense, they can use strategies such as:

*Look at the picture for clues.

*Read the sentence again and make a guess about the meaning. Does the guess make sense?

*Try reading the word a different way. For example, the letter g can say /g/ or /j/.

Here is what we have been working on in other subject areas:

Math: Place value, counting by 100s, 10s, 1s up to 1000, developing fluency for adding and subtraction

Reading: Cross-checking, choosing just right text, thinking about the story as we read

Writing: “Unfreeze people” in your story – show their feelings, add talk. Editing for capitals & periods. Using an apostrophe to show when something belongs to someone (ex. Alan’s pencil)

UOI: Continue reflecting on our roles and the contributions that we can make everyday to better our communities. We will complete this unit today and begin a more science based unit on Matter and Materials after the break.

A big thank you!

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to come and visit me during our fall Parent Teacher conferences. I hope that we will continue to work together throughout the year to support your child’s growth. An extra big thank-you to all of the parents who contributed to our classroom library while shopping at the book fair! The kids have snapped the new books up and are enjoying all of the new titles!

I hope that everyone has a fantastic break!


Updates from 2D & School Cancelled Monday

What an eventful weekend thanks to our visit from Mangkhut! I hope everyone has stayed safe and dry! I’m sure you have all received the message that school will be cancelled Monday, Sept. 17. If you have any questions or concerns over school closure, please direct them to our administrative staff.

Here is an update on what we’ve been learning in 2D, followed by some suggested homework your child can complete on Monday.

Unit of Inquiry: Details about our Community Contributions project can be found on Seesaw. Your child has been tasked to reflect on how they contribute positively within the many communities they belong to (home, school, after school activities, sports, etc.). Please help them to document their contributions by uploading photo or video evidence on Seesaw. Have your child write, draw, or voice over their pictures to explain how they have contributed and why it was a positive contribution.  Thanks for your support!

Reading: The children are focused on building their reading stamina, as well as tackling some fluency and comprehension skills. The photos below shows some of the strategies we’ve worked on this week.


Math:  We’ve been developing skills for solving one-step word problems using addition and subtraction, reviewing place value, and developing fluency with addition and subtraction facts to 20.

Writing: Writers have looked at how published authors use verbs and adverbs to help make their writing more descriptive. They’ve practiced expanding their small moment stories by telling important parts in small steps. They’ve also practiced editing their written work to make sure they’ve used past tense verbs and periods and capitals!


Suggested Homework for Monday:

  1. Reading – Read a just right book for a minimum of 20 minutes. Use library books, home books, or log into RAZ kids.  Ask your child to share a goal they have to improve themselves as a reader. Share with your child how you use your reading skills everyday (ex. books for enjoyment, reports, news, information bulletins, etc).
  2. Writing – Write a small moment story to share with their classmates about a time of their choosing. The storm would be a great topic! Focus in on choosing good verbs and telling the story in small steps.
  3. Math – Find a math game on to practice some skills.  (Note – If you want to play these games without making a purchase, then these games need to be played on a computer, not iPad.)
  4. UOI – Have your child post on Seesaw about a way they have contributed to a community this weekend. Tell them to explain why this was a helpful contribution.



Get Ready for the PE Swimming Unit

A reminder that the swimming unit begins in PE next week. It will run from Sept. 17-Oct. 19.  Make sure your child is ready on Monday. Be sure to pack:

-Swimming clothes, Goggles, Sunblock, Towel, Dry bag, Water bottle

Attached is the letter from Mr. Elliot. If you have any questions about the swimming unit, please contact Mr. Elliot directly.

Swim Letter September 2018-12471hj