Week of August 20th

Welcome to the weekend!   I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday morning.

This week was our first full week in 2B.  Students started getting back into their normal learning routines.  We started readers and writers workshop, reviewing different ways to read a book and building our reading stamina.  We have set our initial goal to be able to read for 20 minutes with out breaking our stamina as a class.  Students wrote their favorite memory from summer and started exploring the idea of tiny moments using the mentor text Kitchen Dance by Maurie J. Manning.

We also started to explore and unpack our central idea : Citizens understand who they are and what they do to contribute to their communities.

Students broke down what these words mean using dictionaries and translation apps on iPads.  They then wrote it in kid language and illustrated it to help them better understand what we will be learning over the next few weeks.  We also did skits about the learner profiles and created learner profile posters for our classroom (principled, caring, communicator, risk-taker, inquirer, balanced, knowledgeable, thinker, reflective, open minded).

Math we took time to review some of the things that we learned last year and took a baseline assessment to see what types of math students know coming into second grade. We found that we need to work on drawing a picture to solve a problem and identifying US coins.

*** If you have any extra US coins around your house that you would be willing to share with us we would greatly appreciate it if we could have them to help build our concrete understanding of these coins.

Next week we are going to continue to work on building our stamina in all subjects.  We are going to start looking at building spelling skills.  We will go deeper into problem solving and showing that we really understand how to find solutions to math problems.  

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