Rainy Day

Are you looking for something to do today?  I have some ideas I will post today.  If you or your child is looking for something to do.

  1. Talk about your community.  Your family community, and any communities that your child belongs to.
  2. Good News!  I have been registered for RAZ kids.  I have imported our class from previous years, so they should have the same password as before.  Please let me know if you have forgotten your password.  Our Class code is jnelsen4 

  1. Math students are registered on Freckle.com Class code nelses – They will use their first and last names to log in.
    1. Please click on Math and Math practice and work through the pre-tests.

NOTE  FROM Freckle

Once they have logged in, it is important that this practice is done independently​, without any help at home. If they are having difficulty with a concept, and the video tutorials on the site do not help, your child may either stop or go on to another section.

Freckle is designed to give students a tailored experience based upon their current knowledge.  If you help your child then they will get problems that are too difficult for them to do on their own. As they go through the year (and the pre-test) they will get more difficult problems.

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