Weekly Wrap-up August 27

This week students had a shortened week with a a quick rain day on Thursday.  I hope that everyone stayed dry and had a nice day!

At school this week we were very busy, we completed our baseline assessment with a small moment story.  We got jot journals and went on an idea walk around school to jot down ideas of small moments in our lives to write about during this writing unit. This Friday we introduced Free Write Friday!  Where students can choose what and how they want to write!  This was exciting because it was time for them to write fiction stories if they wanted to!  This week we also started looking at grammar, we focused on capital letters, ending punctuation and nouns.

We learned some songs to help us remember what a noun is.  A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea.  Some of the songs we listened to you can here again on youtube by following these links.  School House Rock, Jack Hartman Nouns

Math lessons this week we built our toolbox to include a Bar Diagram.  We worked on restating someone else’s thinking and magic numbers 9, 10, and 14 where students had to think of as many ways that they could to make these numbers.  We learned about how to use math manipulatives correctly, and used them to help us develop place-value understanding. We are going to learn this song next week to help us to continue to develop this understanding (Place Value- Number Rock).

Our UOI lessons lead us towards our first student question “What does the principal do?”  We are not quite there yet, however we are getting closer.  We looked at pictures of different communities and discovered that people (help others) contribute to their communities.  We looked at the connections between different community helpers and started to brainstorm “Who contributes (helps) in our classroom community?” “Who contributes in our Second Grade community?” “Who contributes in our PYP community?”  This gives us good direction next week for students to follow their interests.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 2 B MAP testing.  Please make sure your student eats a nice breakfast and comes to school ready to rock that test!

Monday, Wednesday – Swimming- many students have been forgetting their swim clothes please help them to remember.

Make sure you have signed up for ASAs.


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