Weekly Wrap-up Week of September 3rd

How did you contribute to your community?

  • Ask your child to start thinking about the actions that they are taking in their communities.

We have discussed many of the communities that they belong to, the also probably belong to more communities than those that we thought of.  As we get closer to October break we are getting closer to the end of this unit which involves a lot of student action.  Asking them this question will help them to start this thinking.

We spent a lot of time this week working on our MAP testing. Students completed tests in the areas of math, language, and reading.  We also worked towards finishing our first round of DRA tests for this year. Students have been working so well I am proud of their focus and stamina during this busy week.

We continued to look at nouns students went around the classroom trying to find different people, places and things.  As this activity is finished they are uploading it to Seesaw for you to see.

Our math lessons focused on solving word problems using the draw a picture strategy.  We also spent a lot of time working on place value.  Students learned that each digit has it’s own value in the number.  We are also working towards building more math fluency, being able to answer basic math facts quickly with fast recall.

 We also had Mrs. K come to read to us!

We also had Mrs. K come to read to us!

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