Reflecting on Our Second Unit

Today marks the end of our second unit of second grade.  We finished up our final drafts of our lab reports and concluded our science experiments.  Did you know that you can stand on eggs?  Or that a McDonalds hamburger doesn’t change if you leave it sitting out for a week?  We also learned about watering plants… They don’t live if you water them with soap.

We enjoyed an excellent assembly done by 2D. We also celebrated our ESLR award winners this month; Rex, Ariel and Harshil.  Fantastic job being independent learners.

This unit the students also became much more familiar with some of the key concepts.  Function and Form and Reflection became daily words in our lives.  We have learned how to use them and how we see them in our daily lives.  We are getting ready for our new unit that starts next week.

This week we also celebrated Kindness day hosted by STUCO.  Thank you Romain for reminding us how important being kind is. 

Next week we will be celebrating international week.  If you have not volunteered and you would still like to please let me know. We are also looking for treats for Friday for our Potluck.

REMINDER: Today your child brought home a permission slip for our field trip next Thursday.  Please see it for more details.



Picture Day

Today is our annual picture day but also a Friday to finish up another busy week in 2B.  This week we used questions to test three part hypothesis.  We focused on writing a good hypothesis and conclusion to our lab reports.

In math we talked about a new word estimate or estimation.  We concluded that this is like a hypothesis in math which is a good guess using our schema. A big question that we estimated was about how many inches are in 5k.  We solved this problem using repeated addition.  Our estimate was 180,000 inches.  We did alright with that.  We learned more about measurement of length using rulers and and meter/yard sticks.

This week we introduced a new activity.  We started using Plickers.  These are QR codes to answer multiple choice questions.  This has been a fun activity for us all to practice and see what we know in all subjects.

We found that we put a lot of math on our seesaw so we are trying to balance that out with other subjects. One way is that students will each have a day to read to their seesaw. We have also started posting our lab reports that tell us what we are doing in science and in writing.

This week we also added a new math center.  This center teaches us how to code computer games.  The students explored using the platform and Angry Bird characters.  This has been quite a hit in 2B.