We are Reading To Learn

In recent conversations with your students, you may have heard that we are working on our research skills.

What does that mean for a second grader?

That means that we are reading grade level appropriate sources that can teach us about topics that we are interested in.  Students have learned how to take Jot Notes.  This is a strategy that helps students to Read, Cover, Remember, and Write down their understanding in their own words.

Right now students are working on a non-fiction book that is about a topic that they are an “expert” in.  They have chosen this topic and are working to put together a book with pictures, diagrams, captions, table of contents and a bibliography.

Where can you help your child to research?

SIS subscribes to a large number of child-friendly sources that you can use at home to get information.  If you click on the document below the sources and their login information are listed.  Students are familiar with this list and know how to use these sources.

online resources Early Primary Upper Primary sign pdf-2akrvf2

We have also been working on a project that helps us to inquire into things that interest students. We started by brainstorming student questions.  We then organized them into main ideas and created the large question that students are interested in learning more about.  They selected a question that they are most interested in and are going to model the answer to this question.

That means: They will be creating a role-play (acting it out), a diagram or diorama to show that they understand what the question is asking and the answer.  They will be presenting these answers to the other students so that everyone has learned the answers to our 2B questions.

We took a math quiz this week covering graphing.  This assessment was a bit confusing for our students based on the key on one of the pages.  We will be retaking this part of the quiz so that we can get a better understanding of what the students know about pictograms.  We have also noticed that many students need to work on their fact fluency.  Don’t be surprised if your child wants to practice this weekend we have started a new game called Around the World.

We have also started our plant experiment this week.  The standard from NGSS is that students will plan and conduct an investigation to determine if plants need sunlight and water to grow.  They have been collecting their data to represent their findings.

I know that this is a lot of information. I hope that you had a chance to read all of it the last thing I would like to ask is that you take some time to practice the vocabulary words that we have sent home.


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