Classroom Economy

Hey Parents,


Have you heard about our new classroom economy?

We have thought of ways that students can earn and spend their money in our classroom.  So if your child has decided that they need to wake up early and take some responsibility for getting to school on time that is a fantastic show of Action. They are taking responsibility for their actions and determining the value of being at school on time!  Fantastic work!

Today we went to visit the 30th anniversary Art Show.  Students enjoyed viewing pieces from other SIS students and even their own class!  There is some fantastic work on display I hope you had the opportunity to go visit.

As you are aware we have MAP testing over the next two weeks.  Our first testing session will begin on Monday morning at 8:00 a.m.  Please make sure your child has had a healthy breakfast and is awake for this testing session.  We will also have testing sessions on Wednesday and May 22nd.


Some students have identified that they need to work on fact fluency at home.

Ways that you can practice:

Buy Some addition and Subtraction Flashcards from Taobao:

Download and print math drill sheets

Create your own flashcards or Math Drill.

Play First to 100.  A game where you roll a dice and add the digits together until you get to 100.  You could do this taking turns or as a race to get to the number 100. Students will know more about this game next week as we are doing it for a math center in our next set of math rotations.


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