Classroom Economy

Hey Parents,


Have you heard about our new classroom economy?

We have thought of ways that students can earn and spend their money in our classroom.  So if your child has decided that they need to wake up early and take some responsibility for getting to school on time that is a fantastic show of Action. They are taking responsibility for their actions and determining the value of being at school on time!  Fantastic work!

Today we went to visit the 30th anniversary Art Show.  Students enjoyed viewing pieces from other SIS students and even their own class!  There is some fantastic work on display I hope you had the opportunity to go visit.

As you are aware we have MAP testing over the next two weeks.  Our first testing session will begin on Monday morning at 8:00 a.m.  Please make sure your child has had a healthy breakfast and is awake for this testing session.  We will also have testing sessions on Wednesday and May 22nd.


Some students have identified that they need to work on fact fluency at home.

Ways that you can practice:

Buy Some addition and Subtraction Flashcards from Taobao:

Download and print math drill sheets

Create your own flashcards or Math Drill.

Play First to 100.  A game where you roll a dice and add the digits together until you get to 100.  You could do this taking turns or as a race to get to the number 100. Students will know more about this game next week as we are doing it for a math center in our next set of math rotations.


We Learn from Others

We have spent a lot of time learning from others this week.  We went on a quick trip to 2D to see their models of pollination and seed dispersal this week. We learned a lot about models and reinforced our understanding of seed dispersal.

We have also had fun with our new math centers.  These are helping us to learn about some new topics arrays, even and odd numbers and skip counting.  We will be having an assessment on this next week.

A large portion of our week was spent researching for our student-initiated inquiry and for our research non-fiction books that we are getting ready to share with you!


Upcoming Events:

Field Day is Wednesday, March 13- 1:00-2:30 (RESCHEDULED)

Book Character Day Friday, March 22 – Dress as your favorite character from a book.

Learning Comes Alive Wednesday, March 20- 10:00-10:45 – parents invited to the classroom to see what we are learning


We are Reading To Learn

In recent conversations with your students, you may have heard that we are working on our research skills.

What does that mean for a second grader?

That means that we are reading grade level appropriate sources that can teach us about topics that we are interested in.  Students have learned how to take Jot Notes.  This is a strategy that helps students to Read, Cover, Remember, and Write down their understanding in their own words.

Right now students are working on a non-fiction book that is about a topic that they are an “expert” in.  They have chosen this topic and are working to put together a book with pictures, diagrams, captions, table of contents and a bibliography.

Where can you help your child to research?

SIS subscribes to a large number of child-friendly sources that you can use at home to get information.  If you click on the document below the sources and their login information are listed.  Students are familiar with this list and know how to use these sources.

online resources Early Primary Upper Primary sign pdf-2akrvf2

We have also been working on a project that helps us to inquire into things that interest students. We started by brainstorming student questions.  We then organized them into main ideas and created the large question that students are interested in learning more about.  They selected a question that they are most interested in and are going to model the answer to this question.

That means: They will be creating a role-play (acting it out), a diagram or diorama to show that they understand what the question is asking and the answer.  They will be presenting these answers to the other students so that everyone has learned the answers to our 2B questions.

We took a math quiz this week covering graphing.  This assessment was a bit confusing for our students based on the key on one of the pages.  We will be retaking this part of the quiz so that we can get a better understanding of what the students know about pictograms.  We have also noticed that many students need to work on their fact fluency.  Don’t be surprised if your child wants to practice this weekend we have started a new game called Around the World.

We have also started our plant experiment this week.  The standard from NGSS is that students will plan and conduct an investigation to determine if plants need sunlight and water to grow.  They have been collecting their data to represent their findings.

I know that this is a lot of information. I hope that you had a chance to read all of it the last thing I would like to ask is that you take some time to practice the vocabulary words that we have sent home.


Reflecting on Our Second Unit

Today marks the end of our second unit of second grade.  We finished up our final drafts of our lab reports and concluded our science experiments.  Did you know that you can stand on eggs?  Or that a McDonalds hamburger doesn’t change if you leave it sitting out for a week?  We also learned about watering plants… They don’t live if you water them with soap.

We enjoyed an excellent assembly done by 2D. We also celebrated our ESLR award winners this month; Rex, Ariel and Harshil.  Fantastic job being independent learners.

This unit the students also became much more familiar with some of the key concepts.  Function and Form and Reflection became daily words in our lives.  We have learned how to use them and how we see them in our daily lives.  We are getting ready for our new unit that starts next week.

This week we also celebrated Kindness day hosted by STUCO.  Thank you Romain for reminding us how important being kind is. 

Next week we will be celebrating international week.  If you have not volunteered and you would still like to please let me know. We are also looking for treats for Friday for our Potluck.

REMINDER: Today your child brought home a permission slip for our field trip next Thursday.  Please see it for more details.



Picture Day

Today is our annual picture day but also a Friday to finish up another busy week in 2B.  This week we used questions to test three part hypothesis.  We focused on writing a good hypothesis and conclusion to our lab reports.

In math we talked about a new word estimate or estimation.  We concluded that this is like a hypothesis in math which is a good guess using our schema. A big question that we estimated was about how many inches are in 5k.  We solved this problem using repeated addition.  Our estimate was 180,000 inches.  We did alright with that.  We learned more about measurement of length using rulers and and meter/yard sticks.

This week we introduced a new activity.  We started using Plickers.  These are QR codes to answer multiple choice questions.  This has been a fun activity for us all to practice and see what we know in all subjects.

We found that we put a lot of math on our seesaw so we are trying to balance that out with other subjects. One way is that students will each have a day to read to their seesaw. We have also started posting our lab reports that tell us what we are doing in science and in writing.

This week we also added a new math center.  This center teaches us how to code computer games.  The students explored using the platform and Angry Bird characters.  This has been quite a hit in 2B.

Our Second Unit Well Underway

Good Morning 2B parents!

I hope you are all enjoying the day with your child or they are out having fun!  It is great weather to be out exploring the world around us and testing our hypotheses!

This unit we are inquiring into the central idea “The Scientific Process helps organize investigations.”  We have done some exciting experiments in class.  Students have been working on writing lab reports.  We have also looked at the states of matter.

We have also gotten an Alexa for our classroom.  She is helping us to stay on time, playing fun holiday music, answering our questions and telling us jokes.  Thank you to the wonderful parent that donated this to us!

Week of September 10th

Good Afternoon Families,

I hope that you all made it through yesterday’s storm safe and dry.  Today the city is working on being good citizens who contribute to their community by cleaning up Shenzhen from the mess caused by #Mangkhut.  I have received pictures from the Ian one of our citizens out contributing to his community where he was outside picking up sticks that fell down!  Great Job Ian!  I can not wait to see what everyone else is doing for their summative assessment task this week!

What did we do last week?  If you check your child’s Seesaw account they brainstormed a list as a class and uploaded it to their seesaw.  We worked on developing a better understanding of what people in our community do.  Do we really need metro drivers?  Do they help our community? How do they help our community?  What would happen if we didn’t have them?  We did this with many different professions.

We also discussed how our friend Romain will be contributing to both our class and school community with his new role as STUCO class representative for 2B. Congratulations Romain on this exciting new role!  We are excited to have you represent us!

We worked on math centers and started focusing on uploading more work to our Seesaw portfolios! Thank you to all of the parens who have taken time to comment on your child’s work.  Some of you are leaving fantastic feedback that will help your students grow as learners this year!  The small group math strategy we worked on this week was making 10 by decomposing the smaller number.  If you want a more detailed explanation check Seesaw.

We focused in on adding more details to create a better picture with our writing and read some good examples of small moment stories.  This week we read The Man Who Walked Between the Towers in honor of September 11th. We also read The Shortcut to see some examples of small moment writing.  

In reading we focused in on using Jots to mark our reading with posit notes to help us to better share and remember parts of the story that we want to share.


This week is a short week with Wednesday being conferences, and Friday starting Moon Festival. (Typhoon Clean up day Monday) There will only be school Tuesday and Thursday.

Next week NO SCHOOL on Monday.

Our class has finished swimming, next week students will be doing other activities in PE.

Congratulations to Romain for becoming a STUCO representative.

Congratulations to Jack and Gregory for winning ESLR awards for this month.

Today is a Great Day – To Check Your Child’s Seesaw!

Good Saturday Morning,

Today would be a great day for you to check in with your child and look at their Seesaw account together!


Check out some of the things we did this week!  Students will benefit from talking to you about their work and you can be more involved in our classroom community!   Please post your feedback to your child’s work as well as discussing it!

Have a fantastic weekend!