Week of May 6

Another crazy week in grade 2!

This week we began our inquiry into how value is determined.

Our class became an economy by turning daily life into an exchange of good and services. We even have money!

Feel free to practice counting Chinese money at home so you can transfer these skills to the classroom!

We finished our week with a Japanese Dorodango making session.

Students learned the value of having scare resources, decision making, and being CAREFUL with their work.

In writing we have gone back to our first unit “Personal Narratives”. We will now build on our technique to make our stories more interesting and pull the reader in!

Week of April 8

This week during out unit of inquiry in how “People are knowledgeable about earths changes and use solutions to adapt” students began investigating the different ways landforms and bodies of water are formed and can change. We focused on the slow and fast changes that take  place and began to create maps for our final project coming in a few weeks.  Students also began brainstorming some of the problems for humans that can occur due to these changes.

In math, our class finished up our geometry unit where we looked ad different 2d and 3d shapes and used partitioning to determine equal portions and begin to investigate fractions.

In WWS students continued to write poetry by thinking about the world from different perspectives. We began using more poetic language and worked with partners to work on presenting and giving feedback.