This week in 2A ( September 25-29)

Reading- This week in reading workshop our class continued to focus on the “retelling” comprehension strategy and continued to ensure we were helpful reading buddies!  We also furthered our ninja training with “word attack” skills that help us figure out tricky words!

Writing- In Writer’s Work Shop, students thought critically about their work by revising.  They used check lists, added dialogue, and and thought how they could make their stories shine brighter.  They finished out the week in the editing process by fixing spelling, punctuation, and capitalization!


UOI- This week our students began to consolidate their knowledge of the Who We Are unit by organizing their thinking into a graphic organizer.  WHen we return, they will use this organizer to create a short video to share what they have learned about communities!


Math- In math this week our students worked in centers group to continue to develop fluency and critical thinking.  They used flashcards, online games like, logical thinking routines, and began working on word problems.

Finally have an amazing holiday, and a big congrats to Aimee for winning the communicator award!

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