week of Aug30-3

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Last week in writing our class started in on writing personal narratives. We talked about how we tell stories from our own lives so we always have something to share with lots of details. We looked at how we write about one small moment from the memory instead of writing about a whole day and we learn different ways to generate ideas

 In math the students learned how to use the 100 charts to count forwards and backwards by 1’s and 10’s.  We started looking at how numbers are made out of digits (like how words are made of letters) and learned about place value. In the resources section I have some videos for last year. You can watch the video of “ninja math” for now to see a method we use in  class.  The others videos will be used LATER in the year!
In reading students  Learned how important it is to keep the classroom environment from getting chaotic. We figured out that the more chaotic it was the more difficult it was for us to focus. Students continue to work on choosing just write books and have a reading goal is to help them focus and improve their reading every week
 We started our unit of inquiry last week by unpacking the central idea. We looked at all of the vocabulary words that we didn’t know and  became inquiries via figuring out what they meant. We realize that this year to be better inquirers, we would have to start asking better questions!  So we followed this lesson up by asking “how can we ask great questions!”  From there, we looked at the different communities we are a part of and the different roles in those communities.     

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