Week of sept 3-7

Hey Everyone!

Hope you had a good weekend:)

Last week was a busy one and coming in on Monday I can see im not the only one who has been feeling under the weather.  A good reminder to wash our hands and make sure we get some fresh air.

In nath last week we continued working with place value and started looking at even and odd numbers.  At home, you can go over how to split 10’s and 100’s to reinforce the idea that the ones place determines if a number is even or odd!

In writing we started looking at the craft of writing and found out how good writers focus on one small moment by using details rather than giving an account of entire day.  We try to tell stories likes “When I went to the park and saw a baby duck all alone” rather than “the time i went to the park”.

In UOI we focused on our own personal communities.  Students started categorizing the different roles in their communities. This week we will begin looking at how we contribute to our communities and will begin a sort of diary to detail how we contribute to our community.



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