Week of Dec 3-8

Only one more week of school!

We kept very busy this week writing our non-fiction all about books.  Students have started to finish up getting down all of their knowledge and experimenting with different formats and layouts.  Next week we will begin revising and editing our work!

In Reading workshop we began coming up with questions to guide our reading while also inquiring into the different text features.  Students used their reading time to also start to build more knowledge of our unit of inquiry and have started practicing taking notes.

In UOI we began looking more into the energy transfer within an ecosystem and started looking at how biodiversity keeps ecosystems stable.  We watched “ how wolves change rivers” and have been watching “planet earth” to gain a deeper understanding of our central idea.

Finally in math students worked with adding multiple numbers.  This is a skill we will continue for the next week before break!

Week of November 20-24

We have started our new UOI!  This week we have inquired into our new vocabulary and started having discussions like “are humans animals” and ” why do animals live where they do?”.  Check out the flyer below for more info!


In math students started using 10’s blocks to show their understanding of regrouping with addition and subtraction.

In writers workshop we made sure our procedures were as clear and detailed as possible and in readers workshop we started finding new vocabulary for our “Sharing the Planet class dictionary.”

This is going to be a really fun and interesting unit coming up and I can’t wait to see you all for international week!

13th-17th in 2A

A final push to the finish line and we have come to the end our 2nd Unit of Inquiry How the World Works where students inquired into how “scientists use their knowledge to create and invent!”

In math, students prepared for a small math assessment on measurement, addition, and subtraction.  We finished our week with some logic puzzles and revisiting how we use base ten blocks when adding larger numbers.

In reading students used text features to help them search out information in non fiction texts.  This is a skill they will be continuing to develop throughout the year; we focused on the Index, Glossary, Table of Contents, and bold worlds.

In Writer’s Workshop, we finished revising out procedures and began inquiring into how to write them in paragraph form.  Students focused on using transitions and created crafty beginnings.

Finally in UOI, 18 little scientists created and invented solutions to problems in our community.  It was messy… but scientists don’t mind.

Nov 6-9th in 2A

What a quick week!  A lot of runny noses and coughing going around so make sure to rest up and keep your hands washed!

In math this week students continued to practice addition and subtraction number stories, fluency, and logic.

In reading workshop, we began diving into the different features of non-fiction texts and thought about how they might help us be more effective and efficient readers.

In Writing workshop, students wrote procedures and spent the week working with their partners to ensure they were being clear and concise by adding small details.

Finally in UOI, students continued to inquire into scientists use materials.    They started the week by using their expertise to solve a problem:  What materials would be best used to catch a fish!  Students helped me explore various materials to fit the needs of a fisherman to create a lure. They used different materials to test the strength of a tower.  We also inquired into how matter can change and began looking at various weird materials like Aerogel!

Next week is our last week of our UOI unit!  Stay tuned in for more!