Week of 16th-20th

Another busy week is almost over!

This week students continued to practice their basic subtraction fluency skills through a series of games and activities.  They were challenged to finish a series of “mad minute” sheets as fast as they could and are competing with themselves to better their time and accuracy.

In reading workshop students used comprehension strategies to gain deeper understanding while reading.  We “activated our schema” by connecting what we already know and our memories/experiences in life to the text before beginning to read.  We then practiced making  “text to self connections” while we read.

We began our new Unit of Inquiry of How We Organize Ourselves this week.  Our central idea is that “Scientists use their knowledge of materials to create and invent”.  Students will be inquiring into the properties of materials, peoples wants and needs (and how they influence what we create), and the scientific process.  This week began with a few basic experiments and an introduction to lab reports during Writers Workshop.  Feel free to send in any materials you think would be helpful to add to our supplies for creating during this unit.

This is a fantastic unit for playing and experimenting at home.  We have discusses in class that experiment can mean to try out new things or ideas and can also mean doing a test.  For our students to have as active minds as possible, I encourage you to use this science unit to really begin to push how they think at home.  Whether it be through cooking, football, climbing, music, or anything else that you do together, science is all around us and there are ALWAYS questions that you can ask your child to get them thinking about how and why things are the way they are.  Some questions you might as are:

“why do you think it is like that?”

“what do you think might happen next?”

“What makes you say that?

“how do you think that works?”

“what would be the steps or the process to do that”

Have a great weekend!

2A week of 9th- 14th

In Writers Workshop, students spent time publishing their final pieces.  After all of the hard work they have done to ensure their writing pieces are their best, students made their final copy and added color and detail to their illustrations.  We will celebrate our work on Monday and begin our new scientific writing unit next week!

In readers workshop, the class learned about their schema and the importance of activating their schema before they begin reading.  Next week they will focus on taking their prior knowledge to make connections.

In math students began using basic subtraction strategies.  This is a review of much of what they learned from last year to ensure they are ready to move to more difficult numbers.

Finally in UOI, we wrapped up our unit by creating “spark videos” to share what we know about communities and their leaders!

This week in 2A ( September 25-29)

Reading- This week in reading workshop our class continued to focus on the “retelling” comprehension strategy and continued to ensure we were helpful reading buddies!  We also furthered our ninja training with “word attack” skills that help us figure out tricky words!

Writing- In Writer’s Work Shop, students thought critically about their work by revising.  They used check lists, added dialogue, and and thought how they could make their stories shine brighter.  They finished out the week in the editing process by fixing spelling, punctuation, and capitalization!


UOI- This week our students began to consolidate their knowledge of the Who We Are unit by organizing their thinking into a graphic organizer.  WHen we return, they will use this organizer to create a short video to share what they have learned about communities!


Math- In math this week our students worked in centers group to continue to develop fluency and critical thinking.  They used flashcards, online games like ABCYA.com, logical thinking routines, and began working on word problems.

Finally have an amazing holiday, and a big congrats to Aimee for winning the communicator award!

This week in 2A 18th-22nd

What a busy week!

We have been so busy generating ideas for stories and getting them down on paper that our folders are about to burst.  That is a good sign that it is time to move to the next step of the writing process: Revising. Students spent the week selecting their best piece of writing to go back over with a magnifying glass.  They have spent this week ensuring that they have included all of their knowledge into their chosen piece of writing and next week will begin editing.

In reading, we discussed metacognition: thinking about our own thinking!  Students met my good friend “Harry” and we had a look inside of his brain!  Inside Harry’s brain we can see all of the comprehension strategies we will be practicing over the year to ensure that we are making connections to our reading and thinking deeply about what we read.  We are also practicing how to be a good partner to ensure that when we read together that we are growing as partners.

In math, students worked in centers to practice a range of skills across the week.  They have been practicing their fluency and speed with flash cards of numbers bonds to ten as well as doubles.  They have also been practicing their ninja/karate counting on strategies, their “breaking apart numbers to add” strategy, and also their “making a number round” strategy.

Finally In UOI, we conducted an interview of Mr. Kanabar to find out more about his role in our SIS community.  We then watched various interviews with other SIS community members to learn more about their roles.

A big thank you to all of our candidates for being risk takers and sharing with the class what would make them a great class representative.  The class had a good discussion about what makes a good leader and a good representative and decided William would be our rep for this year!

Have a great weekend!

This (last) week in 2A!

Last week we moved into the “finding out” section of our “inquiry cycle” in our unit of inquiry.  Student started exploring our units of inquiry through brain pop, library texts, and using their reading skills to search within relevant books from our class library.

In math we began working with number bonds, greater/less than numbers, basic number facts to 10, and continued to exercise our logical minds with Marcy Cook.


In WWS students started to add volume to their work by adding detail with nouns, the 5w’s, and deciding the purpose behind their stories to ensure they are considering the audience.

This is a busy week coming up!  Check back on Friday for more!

This week in 2A- Sept. 4-8

This week in 2A we have started our new Unit of Inquiry: Citizens have roles in their communities.  We will be inquiring into how communities are organized as well as the different roles of their members and the purpose of a community.

Students researching communities on Brainpop jr.

During math, students are continuing to build their addition fluency, work with even and odd numbers , develop their understanding of “value” and place value, and learning the “true meaning” of + and =.  Students have also been developing their logical thinking skills by solving puzzles and explaining their process with the class.

Students using the ipads to solve logic puzzles while others explore Poplet, a mind mapping tool.

In reading this week, our class began their “ninja training” to build their focus and stamina while reading.  We have reflected on who we are as readers and the importance of personal growth and understanding we are all at different levels. We have also started our “reading reform” this week to learn different letter sounds and blends that will assist us when trying out strategies to read hard words.  This is an area we will be continuing to focus on this year.

Finally in writing, as our class has started to become more comfortable getting their stories down on paper, we have started going back and discussing who we are as writers in grade 2 vs. grade 1.  We have decided that in grade 2 we are writing our stories to share with others so we will need to make sure we are focused in what we are sharing.  A big focus through out our year will be to develop “seed ideas” rather than “watermelon ideas” so we can ensure that we are telling the most detailed stories we can tell!


There is a lot of great thinking going on in our classroom… more to come soon!  Have a great weekend.


Mr. Nock