Week of March 11

This week students worked very hard to publish their non fiction writers workshop books! They simultaneously have been researching information for their ecosystem books as well!

In math we began sorting equal groups and laying the foundations for multiplication.
This is truly a transdisciplinary unit!

Week of Feb 25


Hey everyone.

Another week is gone. It feels that the days are going by fast!

After our successful trip last week, 2A has started tracking the progress of class plants by experimenting with different amounts of sun light and water.

In writers workshop students have been writing their“All about” books and are beginning to revise their work. If you have any time at home to help them do a little research, go for it!

In math we took am assessment to end the week to check our progress in graphing. Students are becoming more comfortable gathering their own datas and representing it in different ways.

Happy Friday!


Week of Feb 18

A busy few months! it has been awhile since we have posted!


THis week in 2A we dove into graphing! Students started making pictographs and bar graphs by asking a question and gathering data from their classmates.

In UOI we began inquiring into our Central Idea and lines of inquiry. Students started by collaborating to figure out what they already know and what they need to learn more about to fully understand this unit.  We visited the Evergreen Park and discussed the different parts and how animals interact with them for survival.


In readers and writers workshop, we began identifying non fiction text features and writing our own nonfiction books! If you can help your child research their topic at home. go for it!   

Week of Nov 12

This has been a crazy busy unit!


Students have been busy creating experiments, conducting research, asking questions, measuring and becoming experts in adding detail.

You can continue some of this learning at home by wondering about things out loud and asking your child their opinions. Also, I find the phrase “I dont know… what do you think?” and ” Im not sure, how could we find out?” to be really helpful!

Next week is international week… see you then!


Week of Oct 8th

This week saw the conclusion of our first unit of inquiry and the transition into our next unit!

Thank you to all of your support in recording the class taking action at home so they can reflect here at school.

This new unit’s theme is “How We Organize Ourselves” and we will be inquiring into the Scientific Process along with matter and its properties.

Over the next few weeks stay tuned for more photos and descriptions all all the great things we have been up to!




Sept 10-14

A busy week behind us and a chaotic one ahead!

This week we really dove into our unit of inquiry by using Seesaw to help us reflect on who we are as people and as community members.  We thought about the roles we play in our commmunities and how we can contribute.  We also began brainstorming how we could find out more about our community.  Please please please take the opportunity to start recording on see saw the “student action” of your kids helping out in your home and around the community.  Also, if they want to interview people around your community to know more about who they are and how they are helping, add that too!


In math, we continued to build our knowledge of numbers but using base ten blocks to help us construct numbers. We also learned how if we are chaotic while trying to solve problems, we will not be as successful as if we use different systems to check our own and each others work.


In reading students had their reading levels assessed and can begin using Razkids at home. Their passwords have been sent home with them today and the teacher name should be jnock0.


In writing, students have been adding talking, emotions, and their five senses to stretch out their stories.  A big realization they came to this week was “we need to be telling every single thing that happened and every little detail from a short part of time”.

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Brace yourselves for the typhoon!

Week of sept 3-7

Hey Everyone!

Hope you had a good weekend:)

Last week was a busy one and coming in on Monday I can see im not the only one who has been feeling under the weather.  A good reminder to wash our hands and make sure we get some fresh air.

In nath last week we continued working with place value and started looking at even and odd numbers.  At home, you can go over how to split 10’s and 100’s to reinforce the idea that the ones place determines if a number is even or odd!

In writing we started looking at the craft of writing and found out how good writers focus on one small moment by using details rather than giving an account of entire day.  We try to tell stories likes “When I went to the park and saw a baby duck all alone” rather than “the time i went to the park”.

In UOI we focused on our own personal communities.  Students started categorizing the different roles in their communities. This week we will begin looking at how we contribute to our communities and will begin a sort of diary to detail how we contribute to our community.



week of Aug30-3

Uh oh… It seems my post didn’t go through!

Last week in writing our class started in on writing personal narratives. We talked about how we tell stories from our own lives so we always have something to share with lots of details. We looked at how we write about one small moment from the memory instead of writing about a whole day and we learn different ways to generate ideas

 In math the students learned how to use the 100 charts to count forwards and backwards by 1’s and 10’s.  We started looking at how numbers are made out of digits (like how words are made of letters) and learned about place value. In the resources section I have some videos for last year. You can watch the video of “ninja math” for now to see a method we use in  class.  The others videos will be used LATER in the year!
In reading students  Learned how important it is to keep the classroom environment from getting chaotic. We figured out that the more chaotic it was the more difficult it was for us to focus. Students continue to work on choosing just write books and have a reading goal is to help them focus and improve their reading every week
 We started our unit of inquiry last week by unpacking the central idea. We looked at all of the vocabulary words that we didn’t know and  became inquiries via figuring out what they meant. We realize that this year to be better inquirers, we would have to start asking better questions!  So we followed this lesson up by asking “how can we ask great questions!”  From there, we looked at the different communities we are a part of and the different roles in those communities.     

Rain day!

Stay inside and stay safe!

Remember, these resources are not at all necessary for you to use but if you find yourself wanting to do some activities at home, here are a few to help!

Our new unit of Inquiry central idea will be

Citizens understand who they are and what they do to contribute to their communities.

Ask your child these questions:

What Roles are in our community and why do you think they are important?

What is something you do to help your community?

Review the meaning of these vocab words:

Community, Role, Collaborate, Members, Citizens, Contribute, Responsibility

Watch:                  Between the Lions: “When Two Vowels Go Walking”               

and finally, check out https://www.raz-kids.com


Use your password from last year OR email me for your password! I will check my email throughout the day!



week of August 20

               Happy Friday!

First and foremost thank you all so much for the Birthday gifts and wishes!!!!

We have had a busy week here in 2A getting ready to jump into the year.

In math we reviewed many of the things that were learned in grade 1.  We talked about the meaning of + and = and took an assessment to see our current understandings. Students started exploring the 100’s chart and next week we will hop into using it as a tool to help us solve equations.

In readers workshop we talked about how we read words, pictures, and a other ways we can “read” and why it is important to do them all to get the fullest understanding. We will begin setting reading goals in the next few weeks which you can use at home when reading!

We are beginning writers workshop and our new UOI next week!  This week, students showed what they know about writing stories.

Our new Unit of Inquiry is focusing on communities.

Our Central Idea is 

Citizens understand who they are and what they do to contribute to their communities.

The lines of inquiry that will help us to understand our central idea better are:

1. Roles and responsibilities of a community 

2. How citizens contribute to their communities 

3. Different communities