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Choosing “Just Right” Books Independently

on March 3, 2018

We are learning how to choose  “Just Right” books during Reader’s Workshop. It is important that we choose a book that isn’t too hard and isn’t too easy. This will help us to become more independent readers.

Here are the steps we follow when deciding if a story is “Just Right”:

1st- We check if we like it. Does the book interest me? Why?

2nd- We check the pictures. We take a ‘picture walk’ with our eyes on each page.

3rd- We check the first letter of the word. Does it match the pictures?

4th- We check if it makes sense. We ‘stretch out’ the word and see if it makes sense with the picture.

If we can read most of the words, and the book looks interesting- it’s a “Just Right” book!

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