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A Beautiful Day for Books!

on March 7, 2018

In Library class today, Mrs. Livingston read us the last book on the Panda Book Award list for Young Readers, “School’s First Day of School”. This book gave us a lot of interesting wonderings, like does our school think “ouch!” when we poke holes in it’s walls?¬†

After the story, we talked to us about Book Week, especially about the Book Character Dress Up Day (Friday, March 16). We came up with great ideas for book character costumes. For example, Hadley is going to be Kit Kittredge from the American Girl Series and Sophie wants to be Franklin…I just can’t wait until book week!

Finally, we got to vote for our FAVORITE  Panda Book. The winner will be announce soon. To read more about the Panda Book Awards, go to: https://pandabookawards.wikispaces.com/

It was such a beautiful day (not to hot, not too cold…) we went out to the Secret Garden to enjoy our library books. It was a gorgeousday to read outside with our friends.

Parent Reminder: All SIS Families are welcome to check-out up to TEN books at a time. The library is open everyday from 7:45-4:00. There is also a good selection of Chinese, Korean, German and French literature available.

Our next library check out day is: Monday, March 19th. Please help remind your child to return their books inside their blue book bag before or on that day. If they forget, you can always take them on sometime after school on the same day or anytime.

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