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Problem-Solving Challenge: How can we make a coin float?

on April 9, 2018

Today’s problem solving challenge was just as fun as it was messy!

The challenge was: How can we make a coin float? First, we reviewed what it means for objects to sink/float. Then we tested a few objects together. We realized that all coins sink, and we hypothesised as to why do we think they sink. We had some great thinkers….for example: “the coin must heavier than the water” and “there must be no air in the coin, so it sinks…”

Finally, we split into partner teams and worked together to try to make the coin float. In the end, everyone was successful! Some of us use online sources like “How to make a paper boat” to help them solve the challenge. But must most of us succeeded through trial and error. Ask your child how they finally got their coin to float.

Tomorrow’s challenge is: How can you make the marble roll down a flat piece of wood without it falling off?

Attention KA Parents- we need marbles! If you could send in any marbles from home, that would be very much appreciated!


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