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We are Avid Readers!

on April 23, 2018

As we near the last months of kindergarten, we have realized that we really are AVID readers now! During reading workshop today we had a discussion about the difference between an AVID reader and a BLAH reader, after comparing pictures of children reading both ways. Here’s what we came up with:

AVID READERS: Stay focused on the book, use their super powers, don’t walk around the classroom during reading time, keep reading more books when they finish one book, think about the book as they read, learn from the book

“BLAH” READERS: Ask to use the bathroom, distract others, look around the classroom, not focused on the book

Then, Ms. Edwards asked us how long she thought we could read as AVID readers. So we all chose a nice, quiet spot in the room and really impressed Ms. Edwards because we could all read for 20 minutes as avid readers! Great job, KA Readers!

Tonight Parents- ask your child to show you the difference between an avid reader and a “blah” reader with their dinner books!


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