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Scientists Make Observations

on May 15, 2018

Today during our Unit of Inquiry “How the World Works” we paid special attention during our experiment. Read below our observations and the excellent scientific vocabulary we are starting to acquired (typed verbatim).

Ace Hadley and Shunto: We noticed when we rolled both the small and the big marbles, the paper flipped over.

Ms Edwards: Why?

Students Answer: Because the angle of the ruler was high, the force was fast.

Jahan, Julian and William: The same thing happened to us, but it flipped twice.

Ms. Edwards: Why do you think it flipped over twice?

Students Answer: Because the marble was heavier than theirs, or its because their ruler was lower than ours, so it had more force.

Jane, Jay and Sophie: The more higher the ruler, the more the marble bounced.

Ms. Edwards: Why do you think it bounced?

Students Answer: The gravity is stronger when the ruler is more higher.

Becky and Joseph: When we did it in the loft, the marble came into the cup.

Ms. Edwards: How did you get it in the cup?

Students answer: Because the lower we went, it didn’t go in the cup. The higher we put the ruler, then it did go in the cup.

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