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Avid Readers Think!

on May 25, 2018

We are learning that avid readers really think about the text that they read. This helps us to understand the story better. During readers workshop today, we did a fabulous job marking our connections with sticky notes and then sharing our best connections with the class. Read below for some of our great connections shared:

Last night, my brother Marco taught me and my tutor the a new word in English (armadillo) and it’s so funny, because┬átoday I read a story about an armadillo! (Text to Self Connection)~Ace

This story is about going places, and this page is an airplane. Soon I will go to America on an airplane. (Text to Self Connection) ~Hadley

This story is another version of “The Three Little Pigs!” (Text-Text Connection) ~Jahan

I also went learned how to ski in Japan, just like in this book the little girl is learning how to ski. (Text to Self Connection) ~Sophie

I am researching spiders, and this book is all about spiders! (Text to Self Connection) ~James

This book is all about sharks, and I researched sharks! (Text to Self Connection) ~William

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