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Learning through Play!

on June 6, 2018

We had a fabulous learning experience through our observations at the trampoline park yesterday. Just read and see!


Ms. Edwards: How did you experience Force and Motion at the Field Trip today? 

(responses written verbatim)


“Pulling and Pushing on the ball swing. When I pulled it towards me and when I let go, I pushed my feet off the block.” –Hadley


“Falling- I jumped and I fall.” -William


“When we were jumping on the trampolines, it was like there was no gravity. Because my feet were pushing against the net, it stretched and bounced me up.” -Jahan


“Gravity- when we were playing the fighting competition on the bridge, I fell down in the sponges and it’s hard to get up.” -Ace


“When I jumped, the earth’s gravity pulled me back down.” -James


“When I ran up the ramp, my speed was slower. When I ran down, it was faster.” -Sophie


“When we were running in the foam pit, it was harder to run. When we ran outside, it was easier.” -Jahan


When we go up the slide of the trampoline, it’s very high. When we go down, it’s very low.” Julian


“When I fell into the blocks, I bounced two times because my force was strong because I jumped very hard.” -Elizabeth


“Can you tell my mom and dad how to get to Koolfly? I want to go on Saturday!” -Ace


Ms. Edwards: Sure! Here’s the link for parents who would like to take their child to the trampoline park. Remember to bring your YELLOW SIS Tag and receive a BIG discount (60RMB for 2 hours rather than normal price 100RMB an hour ) http://www.shenzhenparty.com/places/sports-recreation/koolfly-trampoline-park

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