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Our Adventures at Evergreen!

We went on our first field trip today to Evergreen Park to launch our Science Inquiry Unit: Sharing the Planet. While we were on the field trip, we discussed and thought about the following questions:

-What if there’s no one there to pick up the garbage? 

-What if we picked all the flowers?

-What if they cut down all the trees?

-What is it about this place that is beautiful? 

-What animal could live in this environment? 

We were scientists …

We investigated patterns in nature, examined different parts of the tree, and observed various types of trees, leaves and animals.

We were explorers …

We explored different environments and discovered surprising things around each corner. We found dinosaurs in the rainforest, butterflies in the garden, and enormous fish swimming under the bridge.

We were photographers …

Using our iPads, we documented our discoveries for future research.   We were such eager photographers that there were over 1000 photos on our iPads by the end of the day!

We were teammates …

We worked together throughout the day. We encouraged and helped each other on the ropes course and in the rainforest.

The adventures of our first field trip is sure to be a big highlight of our kindergarten year! 

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We Can Be Problem Solvers!

Mr. Bywater has been working hard with us in understanding how we can solve problems on our own. He taught us about Kelso the Frog, and how we can think about a good choice to make when we have a problem.

We learned there are two kinds of problems. Big problems and small problems:

We know a big problem is when we feel scared or worried. A big problem can be solved by a “big person” (or an adult). That’s when we need to get a teacher or a parent immediately.  If something dangerous is happening, like someone is throwing rocks, or someone is hurt- that’s a big problem.

We learned a small problem is when we feel angry or annoyed. That’s when “small people” or we, as kindergartners, can solve the problem for ourselves. For example, if someone takes our place on the carpet, or won’t share with us when we are playing- that’s a problem we can solve by ourselves.

Next week Mr. Bywater will teach us strategies to help us solve small problems!


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Learning Came Alive!

Today our KA Parents got to witness first-hand how learning comes alive all day and everyday inside our busy kindergarten classroom. We hope you enjoyed seeing how we start our morning and how our reader’s workshop routine works. Many parents told me that they now understand what their child is talking about when they say “pointing power, sound power, picture power!” I love it!

Thank you, parents who took the chance to leave a note for feedback. The teachers found it very useful and rewarding.

We look forward to showing you how learning comes alive as mathematicians in January! Mark your calendar’s for our next Learning Comes Alive which will be on Thursday, January 25th!

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Mathematicians Learn Through Play!

As mathematicians today, we discussed the word “measurement” and what it means. Then we collaborated with our math partner to measure objects in our classroom using non-standard units, for example: scissors, pencils, small animal toys and whatever else we could find in our toolkit!

Ms. Edwards was so proud of our communication, collaboration, and problem solving that she observed through our play. She also heard us use math words like “longer” “around” “shorter” “taller” and one of our friends even counted up to 204 objects! We are very impressive mathematicians in KA!

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Understanding Ourselves- My Me Mat

Building a strong classroom community is the most vital in the first six weeks of school. Therefore, we have just completed our “All about Me” unit, where we really have gotten to know more about our new KA Friends.

Understanding ourselves and where we come from, how we’ve changed over time, and being proud of the special characteristics that make us unique was all part of our “Me Mat” project.

Our “Me Mats” are currently hanging up in our classroom, we hope that when our parents come for “Learning Comes Alive” our parents can bring them home safely. We spent a lot of hard work on our projects, so we wouldn’t want them to get ruined on the bus ride home, or worse…lost!



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Learning Through Song~ Five Little Pumpkins

We just LOVE learning to read and recognizing sight words through songs. This week we LOVED learning the children’s favorite “Five Little Pumpkins.” On Monday, we were just introduced to the song and we made our own October calendar during math workshop, coding the most important days of this month.

Throughout the week we’ve been using the song to learn to read and spell number words 1-5 as well as many sight words. We even got to bring home our own book-version of the song after we became more acquainted with reading the words. Some friends even sent Ms. Edwards WeChat videos of themselves reading the book! Way to go, KA Friends! Ms. Edwards just loves to receive videos of her students learning at home. Sometimes we even get the chance to share the videos with the whole class! It’s a great way to bridge the home-school connection.

For a link to the song, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm1qvX1ygOo

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Learning will come Alive!

Dear KA Parents,

We hope you will have the chance to join us for “Learning Comes Alive” the morning of Wednesday, October 18th.

Shortly after we get settled in our classroom, we will invite you in for a morning of hands-on learning with your child. You will get to see how we conduct our “Morning Meeting” including our new “Turn and Talk” partner routine, how we learn literacy through our shared reading text, and finally you will get to take part in our reading mini-lesson and learn a new reading super power with your child…what will it be?! You must come to find out!

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Leaving our “Heartprints”

Building a strong classroom community and feeling like you have a friend is a very important need for us, as kindergartners. That’s why today we read the story “Heartprints” by P.K. Hallian. We learned that we can leave “Heartprints” wherever we go, by saying kind words and doing kind things for one another.

After we read the story, Ms. Edwards gave us literal “Hearprints” and we made a heart-print for three of our friends. We wrote kind words and drew pictures on our heart-print to make our friend feel special. We hope you enjoyed the WeChat video of us passing out our notes, KA Parents.

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We are Writers ~ Our 1st Publishing Party!

In celebration of LAUNCHING Writer’s Workshop we had a wonderful party with our parents, grandparents and teachers. We were so proud to share the books we wrote with everyone and to celebrate the fact that we’re AUTHORS now…after only 26 days of learning letter sounds we can already write a sentence on our own. Amazing!

Thank you for your endless support and the wonderful turnout, KA Parents!

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Preparing for Publishing!

Move over, Mo Williams!

KA Friends are really excited to share their first published books tomorrow with their families. In only 25 days of school we can already “Stretch-out” sounds in words, write sentences, use punctuation and spacing between words, not to mention write books with feeling and books about things we know and love.

In order to prepare for publishing, we’ve wed through our writing folders to find the books that we can read and really love, and books that are “just okay” meaning that maybe we don’t remember what they were about or we didn’t finish them. We sorted our writing into two piles (“LOVE” and “Just OKAY”). Then to publish, we chose our very favorite pieces and worked through the editing process. Ms. Edwards is so proud of her little writers. She just can’t wait to share in their achievement tomorrow.

Parents- Please meet us in our classroom tomorrow at 2:15. Thanks to those who are able to bring in a bite-sized snack to share!

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