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Avid Readers Think!

We are learning that avid readers really think about the text that they read. This helps us to understand the story better. During readers workshop today, we did a fabulous job marking our connections with sticky notes and then sharing our best connections with the class. Read below for some of our great connections shared:

Last night, my brother Marco taught me and my tutor the a new word in English (armadillo) and it’s so funny, because today I read a story about an armadillo! (Text to Self Connection)~Ace

This story is about going places, and this page is an airplane. Soon I will go to America on an airplane. (Text to Self Connection) ~Hadley

This story is another version of “The Three Little Pigs!” (Text-Text Connection) ~Jahan

I also went learned how to ski in Japan, just like in this book the little girl is learning how to ski. (Text to Self Connection) ~Sophie

I am researching spiders, and this book is all about spiders! (Text to Self Connection) ~James

This book is all about sharks, and I researched sharks! (Text to Self Connection) ~William

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Swimming in P.E!

We have really been enjoying our swimming lessons with Mr. B! We are now very independent in changing in and out of our swimming clothes, all by ourselves.

Mr. B taught us all about the importance of water safety and we’ve been learning and practicing swimming strokes, floating on our own, and blowing bubbles under the water. Mr. B. even gives us a few minutes to play at the end if we try our very best during the lesson. Great job, KA Friends!

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Avid Readers Use Gestures

Today we discovered that as Avid Readers, we don’t just read with feeling, but we also should read with gestures! First, Ms. Edwards modeled big gestures when she read a dinner book to us…really helped us to understand what gestures are. Once we understood what “gestures” were,  it was really fun reading our books using big gestures!

Parents: Ask your child tonight to read their new “Dinner Books” tonight using feeling and gestures!


noun: gesture; plural noun: gestures

  1. 1.
    a movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning.
    “Alex made a gesture of apology” (Source: Google Dictionary)
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Scientists Make Observations

Today during our Unit of Inquiry “How the World Works” we paid special attention during our experiment. Read below our observations and the excellent scientific vocabulary we are starting to acquired (typed verbatim).

Ace Hadley and Shunto: We noticed when we rolled both the small and the big marbles, the paper flipped over.

Ms Edwards: Why?

Students Answer: Because the angle of the ruler was high, the force was fast.

Jahan, Julian and William: The same thing happened to us, but it flipped twice.

Ms. Edwards: Why do you think it flipped over twice?

Students Answer: Because the marble was heavier than theirs, or its because their ruler was lower than ours, so it had more force.

Jane, Jay and Sophie: The more higher the ruler, the more the marble bounced.

Ms. Edwards: Why do you think it bounced?

Students Answer: The gravity is stronger when the ruler is more higher.

Becky and Joseph: When we did it in the loft, the marble came into the cup.

Ms. Edwards: How did you get it in the cup?

Students answer: Because the lower we went, it didn’t go in the cup. The higher we put the ruler, then it did go in the cup.

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Student Led Conferences Today!

We were student-leaders today at our Student Led Conferences. It was a wonderful day for KA Kids and parents alike. We celebrated our learning journey through sharing:

Our Digital Learning Portfolio on Seesaw

Our writing improvement through our Non-Fiction Research Projects

Our avid reading through fun “Reading Playdates”

Our Unit of Inquiry exploring force and motion

Thank your outstanding input and support, KD parents!

~Ms. Edwards

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Exploring 2D and 3D shapes

We are excited to become stronger mathematical thinkers through learning even more about Dimensional and 3-Dimensional shapes. We will really get familiar with important mathematical vocabulary in this unit. You can see what fun we’ve been having building shapes! See the poster below, and even how we will integrate measurement throughout this unit by reviewing length and width.




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Everyday should be Earth Day!

Continuing from last week, as well as our love of learning about continents and oceans, we are working on painting the earth. We are thinking what is most important to us in saving our environment and we will add our reflections to our completed Earth Projects when they are finished next week.

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Save the Date- Primary School Art Show!

You are in for a treat, parents! Ms. Hobbs has saved your child’s best art pieces that they have created throughout the year. These will be on display for everyone to admire at our Primary School Art Show on Thursday, May 17th from 6-8pm at Kingbay Jingshan Phase 9 Club Level B4

This will be “reception” style, so you may come anytime you like during those hours. Towards the end of the year, Mrs. Hobbs will send home your child’s displayed pieces, as well as the rest of the art they worked on in class.

I hope to see you there!



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Earth Day Creation!

We used the steps of the design process to make some very creative crafts today! We learned, just like engineers solve problems- we can think like engineers and do the same thing. Our problem (or challenge) was to make an object using recycled materials, so then we used the Design Process: Think, Make, Improve and Share.

You can see what a great time we had building our creations. Thanks to everyone who sent in recycled supplies, we will be continuing to design over the next few weeks in our “How the World Works” Unit of Inquiry, so we can always use more- keep saving your stuff!

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The Lovely Literacy Lounge!

Today we had the chance to explore, read and leave kind comments to our friend’s writing at the Literacy Lounge hosted by Mrs. Livingston, our librarian and the PSA Parents. It was fun searching out for our brother’s and sister’s writing, as well as our 4B Buddies!

It was such a beautiful morning to sit, relax and read with our friends!

Parents- we hope you have the chance to stop by and drop a note off for your child’s writing. The Literacy Lounge will be here until tomorrow.

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