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B-I-N-G-O Makes Learning Fun!

Our Mathematicians are becoming more and more fluent with addition and subtraction everyday! Today we played Addition and Subtraction BINGO. If we got 3 answers across, we won! This was a great way to develop our listening skills and of course our math skills!

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From Inquiry to Research!

We loved learning about one another’s cultures so much during our Where We Are in Place and Time Unit, we decided to do a research project with a pretty lofty goal- Let’s learn more about the whole world!

First, we learned about the Earth’s 7 continents though songs, books and online tools. Then, we were inquirers- What do we want to know more about?

We all have different interests, here are just a few topics we researched:

What animals live in South America?

What kind of food do people eat in Australia?

What kinds of clothes do they were in Europe? 

How many people are in Asia? 

First, we thought of a question, and then we researched the question using books, digital tools and our own background knowledge!

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Preparing for the Leprechaun!

Wow! So many awesome Leprechaun Traps came to school today. Our KB Friends really put a lot of work into creating a clever trap for that sneaky leprechaun.

Don’t worry if you left yours home- Leprechauns go anywhere they think gold might be. Today we shared our traps and set them up for tomorrow- St. Patrick’s Day. I wonder if we will find any leprechauns in our traps on Monday?

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Book Week Adventures!

Wow! Book week was really a wonderful week of celebrating the love of reading! On Monday we had so much fun snuggling up with a good book! Since many of us had brought our favorites from home, we actually read for almost one hour! 


On Tuesday, we had had our ears glued for the intercom all day, when we knew someone would call it was “DEAR” Time, which stands for





We kept our books close to us wherever we went. It happened quite early in the day, just before morning recess!

On Wednesday, we had MYSTERY TEACHER SWAP, the lovely Mrs. Krebs (1D Teacher) was excited to read with us some of her favorite books, including our favorite- ELEPHANT & PIGGY!

On Thursday we met with our Reading Buddies and conducted an interview to get to know our buddies even better. Next time we meet, we will record our interviews and post on SeeSaw!

Friday was a very fun-filled day. First we had our Book Week Assembly, then we participated in “Books Come Alive!!!” It was so much fun. Just see all the happy smiles on our faces. A special thank you to Ms. Stephanie (Hadley’s mom), Ms. Lina (Becky’s Mom) and Ms. Kate (Sophie’s mom) for creating such a wonderful morning for us!

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Building Classroom Community

Sometimes it’s good to take some time out of the day and remember the importance of friendship, kindness and empathizing with one another. As we become more and more comfortable with each other as a class, it is very important that our classroom community stays strong, so that we never feel bullied or have the temptation to bully others.

Today we read The Rainbow Fish. Here’s a summary:

The most beautiful fish in the ocean is asked to share one of his shining scales with a little blue fish, and to which he refuses. All the other fish in the sea leave him alone, and he wondered why. He goes to the wise octopus for advice, and she tells him to give away his scales. Rainbow Fish reluctantly does so, except for one. In the end, he is less beautiful then he was before, but he has new friends and is now the happiest fish in the sea.

After reading this beautiful story of friendship, we were given special shiny “scales” for our own rainbow fish, and then we were asked to share our scales with a friend. For each word of kindness or friendship, we earned another scale. See how wonderful our own Rainbow Fish turned out. Our invisible “buckets” definetly felt full after this activity.

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A Beautiful Day for Books!

In Library class today, Mrs. Livingston read us the last book on the Panda Book Award list for Young Readers, “School’s First Day of School”. This book gave us a lot of interesting wonderings, like does our school think “ouch!” when we poke holes in it’s walls? 

After the story, we talked to us about Book Week, especially about the Book Character Dress Up Day (Friday, March 16). We came up with great ideas for book character costumes. For example, Hadley is going to be Kit Kittredge from the American Girl Series and Sophie wants to be Franklin…I just can’t wait until book week!

Finally, we got to vote for our FAVORITE  Panda Book. The winner will be announce soon. To read more about the Panda Book Awards, go to: https://pandabookawards.wikispaces.com/

It was such a beautiful day (not to hot, not too cold…) we went out to the Secret Garden to enjoy our library books. It was a gorgeousday to read outside with our friends.

Parent Reminder: All SIS Families are welcome to check-out up to TEN books at a time. The library is open everyday from 7:45-4:00. There is also a good selection of Chinese, Korean, German and French literature available.

Our next library check out day is: Monday, March 19th. Please help remind your child to return their books inside their blue book bag before or on that day. If they forget, you can always take them on sometime after school on the same day or anytime.

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Building Fluency as Mathmaticians

We love becoming expert Mathematicians through playing games. Today we played “One Less” with a partner. It’s a great way of becoming stronger math thinkers, because when we roll the dice, we have to subtract in our minds “one less” than the number we roll. The first person to get four in a row wins. We love learning math though hands-on games!

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Choosing “Just Right” Books Independently

We are learning how to choose  “Just Right” books during Reader’s Workshop. It is important that we choose a book that isn’t too hard and isn’t too easy. This will help us to become more independent readers.

Here are the steps we follow when deciding if a story is “Just Right”:

1st- We check if we like it. Does the book interest me? Why?

2nd- We check the pictures. We take a ‘picture walk’ with our eyes on each page.

3rd- We check the first letter of the word. Does it match the pictures?

4th- We check if it makes sense. We ‘stretch out’ the word and see if it makes sense with the picture.

If we can read most of the words, and the book looks interesting- it’s a “Just Right” book!

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Preparing for the Leprechaun

Happy March, KA Friends!

Today, after a very busy morning of reading and writing and math workshop, we had a little fun preparing our classroom for that sneaky leprechaun who will come out from under his home at the end of the rainbow on March 17th. We needed to decorate our classroom so that it will be a friendly place for him to come!

First, we brainstormed how we could make our classroom inviting for the leprechaun, then we choose if we wanted to be on the gold-making team or rainbow-creating team,  then we got creative and started working right away. What fun and a great way to collaborate with each other!

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Flower Market Fun!

What a day full of Chinese Culture! We had a wonderful time at the flower market today. There were so many beautiful colours and things to look at, it was definitely a treat for the senses! Everyone had a great time using 30RMB to buy plants and flowers for their families. Thank you to all our fabulous parent volunteers!

After we got back, we were pretty worn out, but thanks to Hadley’s yummy Valentine Treat bag, we were set! Thank you to Hadley and he family for putting such an amazing goodie bag together! We even got a special Valentines cookie from Ms. Edwards and her family!

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