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KA Field Day!

KA Friends had a wonderful time working collaboratively with their teams, despite the rainy weather we were so brave and had so much fun!  We had an excellent showing of parent support…thank you, parents, PSA, Mr. B and Mr. Elliot!



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Earth Day Exploration!

April is Earth Month! This is a good reminder to keep practicing our learning from our “Sharing the Planet” Unit of Inquiry. We had a fantastic day making paper with Ms. Erlendson, exploring nature and picking up rubbish with Mr. Daniel, making “Nature Art” with Ms. Cormack and reading “The Lorax” and completing a writing project with Ms. Edwards. It was a wonderful day to remember the importance of practicing Global Citizenship.

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Reading With our Buddies!

We always love the opportunity to visit our 4B Reading Buddies. Today we brought 3 books to read with our buddies. We stay engaged and excited about reading our books for over 30 minutes. We even had the chance to check out the app “Epic” which has many online books that we will explore in class.

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Important Safety Lesson with Mr. Bywater

Today we had a great lesson with Mr. Bywater. First, he reviewed his previous lesson of safe and unsafe touch. Then he taught us what to do if we feel unsafe. Ms. Edwards feels confident that these three simple steps that are now permanently embedded into our minds:

  1. Say “NO”
  2. Run Away
  3. Tell someone

After the lesson, Mr. Bywater asked us to draw/write the three steps. Then, we repeated the steps to Ms. May and Ms. Edwards before putting our drawings into our red folder. Parents- tonight ask your child to tell you about the 3 steps using the paper they bring home.

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Problem-Solving Challenge: How can we make a coin float?

Today’s problem solving challenge was just as fun as it was messy!

The challenge was: How can we make a coin float? First, we reviewed what it means for objects to sink/float. Then we tested a few objects together. We realized that all coins sink, and we hypothesised as to why do we think they sink. We had some great thinkers….for example: “the coin must heavier than the water” and “there must be no air in the coin, so it sinks…”

Finally, we split into partner teams and worked together to try to make the coin float. In the end, everyone was successful! Some of us use online sources like “How to make a paper boat” to help them solve the challenge. But must most of us succeeded through trial and error. Ask your child how they finally got their coin to float.

Tomorrow’s challenge is: How can you make the marble roll down a flat piece of wood without it falling off?

Attention KA Parents- we need marbles! If you could send in any marbles from home, that would be very much appreciated!


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Problem Solving Challenge: Popsicle Stick Towers

Today we were given the problem-solving challenge:

Build the tallest tower that can stand alone using 20 popsicle sticks and any other material you can find in our classroom. 

First, we split ourselves into teams. Then we got to work. Some teams did a great job planning out how to make the tallest structure, Ms. Edwards observed many problem-solving phrases from students in our class, including “if it’s too heavy at the top, it will fall down…” and “liquid glue won’t dry in time…let’s use tape.”

With only 30 minutes to work, we ended up with some cool and creative towers and even better problem solving and collaborating skills!

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Digging Deeper into Non-Fiction

During Reader’s Workshop today, we explored the features of non-fiction, mainly the “Table of Contents.” We learned that the table of contents can help us find out where to find the parts of the book that most interest us. First we did a hunt for tables of contents in our books, then we marked them with a sticky note. Finally, we read our non-fiction as well as fiction books. We chose a non-fiction book to take home to read tonight with our families!

Happy reading, KA Families!

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Crossing the Alligator River

To launch our Unit of Inquiry: How the World Works, we are going to have a problem-solving challenge everyday. Today our challenge was for all 18 students to “cross the river” (walk the width of the basketball court) without falling into the alligators. We had only 12 dots that acted as safe landing spots (or “islands).

Ms. Edwards was very impressed by our creative thinking and team-building skills, she even made the challenge more difficult by giving us only 8 dots to use to hop across. We had to figure out how to work together to get everyone safely across.

What will tomorrow’s challenge be?

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Learning Comes Alive in Chinese!

Mark your calendars, parents! Now is the chance to see first-hand how your child learns in Chinese. Please contact Ms. Edwards at medwards@sis.org.cn if you need to confirm which Chinese class your child attends.

*Note: If your child attends German class, there will be a Learning Comes Alive at a later date.

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World Wonderings…

Throughout our Where We Are in Place and Time Unit, our KA Friends became very curious about our place in the world and world geography. We also had many questions about the world and the people who live on planet earth. Some of our questions were…

Do only penguins live in Antartica?

What kind of food do they eat in Europe?

What ancient artifacts and buildings are in China?

What animals live in North America?

How many people live in Canada?

So we took our questions and did a fantastic job researching the answers. Then we created these maps by tracing and cutting all by ourselves. Great work, KA Friends!

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