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KG Goals and Expectations

Do you have a question about birthdays, recess or our reading program?

Check out Kindergarten A-Z where you’ll find many of the answers regarding our KG Program.

Please see the following list of goals for a solid overview of what your child will be working toward this school year. Thank you for all your support at home!


Students will:
read books with simple patterns.
know the letter names and the sounds the letters make.
show understanding of what they’ve read by retelling story details, making predictions, and sequencing story events.
read the list of kindergarten sight words on the back of the Red Folder
select age-appropriate books for themselves.
demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of print.


Students will:
write their own name neatly using upper and lower case letters.
use punctuation when writing.
form words using the beginning, middle, and ending sounds when writing.
read their own writing.
use both upper and lower case letters, when appropriate.
write two to three sentences on a given topic or writing prompt.

Students will:
count to and beyond 100.
read, write, and solve simple addition and subtraction sentences.
identify a variety of two- and three-dimensional shapes.
identify and extend an existing pattern, as well as create their own patterns.
describe and use time periods relative to a day.
sort objects according to a variety of rules.
create graphs and analyze the data.
identify various forms of currency and their values.

Social skills

Students will:
work with friends to solve problems.
take turns during free play and share common toys in the classroom.
independently take care of their own personal needs.
be able to speak about themselves in front of a small group.
be respectful to their teachers and fellow students.
be aware of their physical boundaries.

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  1. Selina says:

    Such interesting goals they are! It is also a school year for me, hehe.

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