Suggested Rainy Day Activities…

Reading-Encourage your child to read at home, read to a sibling and be read to.  We have been talking about doing “stop and jots” as readers in class.  Encourage your child to notice their thinking and share it with you!

Writing- We have been generating ideas for personal narrative writing.  Talk with your child about the ideas they have come up with so far and any new ideas they might have.  Thinking about people and places special to them will help your child remember important memories to prepare for writing stories from their life.

Math- We have begun multiplication this week in math.  Encourage your child to find some toys in their room and sort them into equal groups, then think about the addition and multiplication number sentence that would go along with it.

UOI-  We have begun talking about “organization” this week.  Talk with your child about how they organize themselves at home.  Ask…

How is your room organized to help you?

What are some of your responsibilities (jobs) at home?

What routines are important to our family to get us to school on time? To bed?  Homework?

Enjoy your time as a family today!


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