Staying Busy in Grade 3!

Our community and routines are coming together more and more each week!

As readers this week, we have discussed the importance of thinking while reading and have worked on conversation starters for having book talks.  We have also focused on making predictions and retelling books with detail.

Writers have continued to move through the writing process within personal narratives.   They are planning their story by storytelling, choosing just right paper and beginning to draw and write their story from their life.  Mentor authors are helping to guide us as a writing community in the choices we make in our own writing.

In Math, students have continued to develop their understanding of how repeated addition, arrays, and creating sets help in understanding multiplication.  In addition, we have begun to explore how repeated subtraction, equal shares, and equal groups help in understanding division.  

Lastly, within our UOI this week, students have looked at what their responsibilities in our classroom community are and how those responsibilities support the organization of our classroom. They have explored designing their own school where they are the lead decision maker. Discussions of types of decisions that are made and how they affect our organization have been had as a class.

The questions that are driving our learning within this unit of inquiry are:

What is our responsibility as children?

What are ways we organize ourselves?

How do we make decisions? 

These are great conversation starters to have with your child at home.  Talking about their responsibilities at home will help your child to connect to the learning they are doing in class.


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