Our last week of Sept.

It was such a pleasure getting to see you all last week during Parent/Teacher conferences and talk about your amazing child, the growth they are displaying so far, and their future goals for the year!  Thanks again to all of you who donated to our class library, by purchasing a book for the book fair!

In reading this week, our learners will discuss deeper ways to discover the meaning of text by uncovering context clues, figurative language while thinking harder about questions they have as they read. Towards the end of the week, readers will discover that the author of the book has a very specific purpose for writing the text.

We are wrapping up our first unit of study this week as writers, which has focused around personal narratives.  This genre has given all of us as a classroom and writing community more of an opportunity to learn about eachother by sharing stories from our lives.  As writers, we have moved through the writing process and will focus on editing and publishing this week.  Each child will publish one story that they have chosen to take through the writing process and share with others.

This week mathematicians will be applying the distributive property to create friendly numbers & solve two-step word problems involving multiplication and division.

This is our final week for this unit in our UOI! Students will end the unit with a design challenge! They will reflect on their responsibilities, decision making, collaboration and organization. It should be fun and interesting to see how the kids have grown in these areas!

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