This week in 3D

As readers this week, we are continuing to raise the level of the thinking we are doing as readers by analyzing our “stop and jots,” and using more detail within them.  We are also concentrating on our partner talks, by using our stop and jots to support the conversations we are having as readers.

Writers will continue to plan and start to draft within their ideas that they have generated from last week.  As we are in an open genre unit, ask your child, “what kind of book they are writing?” And “what is the topic?” And “who do you want to read your book to once it is complete?” We will engage in a series of strategy groups around goal setting, organizing our writing, working with partners, and developing spelling strategies.

Mathematicians will focus on three objectives:

Objective 1: Apply the distributive property and the fact 9 = 10 – 1 as a strategy to multiply. 
Objective 2: Identify and use arithmetic patterns to multiply. 
Objective 3: Interpret the unknown in multiplication and division to model and solve problems. 

This week within our Unit of Inquiry, we will explore our “Identity.”  Students will think more deeply into “Who they are.”  Your child will produce a SPARK video sharing their findings.

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